11 Rules You Should Know If You Ever Move To 'Zootopia'

It's not always the paradise you think it is.

So you're moving to "Zootopia." Great choice. Unlike, Officer Judy Hopps' parents, you clearly don't want to settle. Plus, animals are dope.

But, like we learn in Disney's new movie, "Zootopia" isn't always the paradise you've heard about. So before you pack your bags, here are some rules you should know:

1. DO NOT call bunnies cute.

It's cool if bunnies say it, but, if you're not a bunny, just don't.

2. Don't give up. Don't give in.

Shakira, who plays Gazelle, keeps singing those words over and over again, so they must be important. Her hips wouldn't lie.

3. Acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Between racial profiling and political correctness, it's clear "Zootopia" isn't shy about tackling taboo topics. You shouldn't be afraid to acknowledge the elephant in the room either (especially when it's the elephant's birthday).

4. Avoid the DMV at all costs.


5. Forget the stereotypes. 

We've all heard them before: Elephants never forget; foxes are sly; otters go to nude yoga classes. Forget the stereotypes. "Zootopia" proves none of those are actually true.

Well, almost none ...

(We're looking at you, otters. Or, more like, we're avoiding eye contact with you, otters.)

6. Seriously, the DMV is just a no.

Just staple the thing! It's not that hard!

7. Make all the "Breaking Bad" references you want. 

From a scene with characters named Walt and Jesse meeting someone in a yellow hazmat suit to a moment from "The Godfather" to even a "Frozen" Easter egg, "Zootopia" is full of references and we can't let it go.

7. DONUT cross the street without looking both ways.

Safety first.

8. Always feel comfortable.

But not this comfortable.

9. If you're going to use embarrassing apps, just make sure the door is locked.

Using your favorite pop star's app is all fun and games until someone walks in the room. 

10. Be anything you want to be.

Just follow your dreams, yo. 

11. As long as your dreams have nothing to do with the DMV.

We feel you, Officer Hopps. We feel you.


"Zootopia" is in theaters now.



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