'Zootopia' Scurries Past $1 Billion At The Global Box Office

You go, Judy Hopps.

Disney has another massive hit on its hands as "Zootopia" hopped past the $1 billion mark at the global box office this weekend, according to Deadline. 

Forbes reported that the anthropomorphic animal movie, which hit theaters on March 4, grossed a worldwide total of $232 million in its opening weekend. Since then, "Zootopia" has kept on going to meet the billion-dollar milestone.

Deadline notes that this is the fourth-ever animated film and the 11th Disney film to earn in excess of $1 billion. So far, the only film in 2016 to out-gross the family-friendly film is Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War," which hit $1 billion on May 20. 

"Zootopia" co-director Rich Moore told USA Today that reaching the billion-dollar mark was "mind-blowing." 

And given the film's box-office success, the animated buddy cop comedy will likely get a sequel. 

"It makes it so much easier to proceed forward when there's this kind of affection for the film," the film's co-director Byron Howard also told the paper. "We want to talk about what these characters would do next."

Job well done, Judy Hopps.



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