Zoraida Sambolin On Breast Cancer Fight: 'I'm Doing Great' (VIDEO)

CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin updated viewers on her battle against breast cancer on Friday.

"I'm fine, I'm doing great, my prognosis is excellent," she told the hosts of "New Day." "But when you go back and you look at that and you see your son and you see the suffering that my whole family went through, it's kind of difficult."

The "Early Start" co-host announced her diagnosis in May, and underwent a double mastectomy. On Thursday, Sambolin said she is undergoing reconstructive surgery, and still has to do more research on other potential treatments.

"Other than that, my prognosis is excellent," she said. "I'm doing really well and I feel strong and healthy." She called cancer "a blessing" that has taught her "many lessons."

Back in May, Sambolin said that she decided to undergo a double mastectomy because she wanted to be there for her children. She made the announcement on the heels on Angelina Jolie's revelation about her own double mastectomy, saying that she had been trying to figure out how to break the news for weeks. Sambolin has kept viewers posted on her health. She opened up about the diagnosis, and shared a picture of herself recovering from the procedure.



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