Zoraida Sambolin House In Oak Park Sells For $1.34 Million, Suburb's Biggest Sale This Year (PHOTOS)

Zoraida Sambolin has been settled into her new gig hosting CNN's "Early Start" for months, but the Chicago native's last ties to the Midwest weren't severed until this month, when her historically significant Oak Park, Ill. home sold for $1.35 million.

Sambolin, who started her career in Chicago and joined NBC 5 in 2002 before leaving to join CNN in New York last year, turned a profit on the house, the Chicago Tribune reports, despite the 5,288-square-foot property's multiple listing price reductions from the original $1.8 million ask. The sale represents the highest-priced closing in Oak Park this year, listing agent Patricia McDonald told the newspaper.

The six-bedroom, four-bathroom home is known as the Erwin house, and was designed by Prairie style Chicago architect George W. Maher. Highlights include a three-tiered staircase, stained glass windows and a wraparound porch overlooking a heated pool.

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Erwin House