Zorrilla, Animal Also Known As Striped Polecat, May Be Smelliest On Earth (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

The zorrilla (Ictonyx striatus), or Striped Polecat, is considered the smelliest animal on earth. A member of the weasel family, The Columbia Encyclopedia reports that the zorrilla closely resembles the North American skunk... but may be even smellier. The zorrilla secretes a pungent fluid from its anal glands when it must defend itself from predators. A nocturnal animal, it lives in rocky crevaces and feeds on small reptiles and rodents. It's scent deters many animals. Perhaps this is who Phoebe from "Friends" should have been singing about in "Smelly Cat." The zorrilla is also often referred to as a striped weasel.

Check out some videos and images of different polecat species below.