The Zsa Zsa Obsession

FILE - In this Jan. 27, 1993 file photo, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is shown in Midland, Texas. Gabor was taken to a hospital Wedn
FILE - In this Jan. 27, 1993 file photo, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is shown in Midland, Texas. Gabor was taken to a hospital Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011 after her feeding tube became loose. Gabor has been hospitalized repeatedly since falling out of bed and breaking her hip in July 2010. She had a leg amputated in January. (AP Photo/Curt Wilcott, File)

Before the Karadashians, there were three sisters of Hollywood: Eva Madga and Zsa Zsa from Hungary and when they arrived in Hollywood, they took it and it's male population by storm. They not only created some iconic roles in movies and television, but in the tabloids as well. They became legendary for their behavior and also using their notoriety to their advantage.

Before there was social media, TMZ and Buzzfeed, in order to be an actress, you had to generate your own PR -- but at least you had the chance to control the story before it grew to an epic size. But as they say, there's no such thing as bad PR which means the Gabors used it to their advantage.

Everyone has heard the story of Zsa Zsa bitch-slapping that meter maid which managed to revive her career and get her cameos on all sorts of shows and The Brady Bunch movie, plus the cover of countless magazines and tabloids until unfortunately her mind began to slip and then it didn't become about the antics, it became about the sad downfall of this once beautiful star.

Lately, it seems like the focus is shifted on the latest celebrity death, whether it be Kirk Douglas at 97, or Justin Bieber by his own stupidity and we count down the ones in between, that we are amazed when a certain celebrity manages to make it to another birthday and devastated when another dies unexpectedly -- but there's one woman who takes a licking and keeps on ticking: Zsa Zsa.

Although she's been hidden from the public due to her illness and amputation, her husband pops out every once in and while to make some sort of ridiculous statement, like the one about having a surrogate child which that faded the moment CNN flipped coverage back to the Iraq War and the epic battle over the Gabor money between Zsa Zsa's husband and her daughter will probably continue until Zsa Zsa's dead and buried -- if it's not already happened.

There's been new found interest in the Gabor sisters because of a new biographical book released earlier this year and I have to say, it draws major parallels to the Karadashians especially when you read about how Mama Gabor basically steered her three daughters careers, picked their husbands and made sure that whatever happened, the name Gabor wasn't dragged through the mud despite public opinion.

I think the primary reason I started to read about them was because before, I didn't know much aside from Zsa Zsa's B movies and Eva being on Green Acres which was my favorite show as a kid -- I even trained myself in how to do the accent and used it to play games with my cousins, who were Get Smart fans. We read stories all the time about screwed up families that give dysfunction a new meaning, but In this case, they genuinely enjoyed each other even one sister became a socialite and the others became TV/movie stars.

What was your favorite Gabor sister? Where they as tame compared to the famous sisters of today?