Only Jerry Seinfeld Could Get Such Personal Details Out Of Mark Zuckerberg

The two had a conversation about nothing, basically.

Mark Zuckerberg held his first "Live Q&A" using Facebook's new video service Tuesday, but it wasn't until Jerry Seinfeld showed up about 45 minutes in that things actually got interesting.

The famous comedian steered the Facebook CEO away from answering questions posed by the audience and instead probed into the Zuck's private life.

"I want to know the very first thing you do," Seinfeld asked. "You get out of the bed, you go to the bathroom...”

"Oh no, the first thing I do is look at my phone," Zuckerberg said.

"I do that, too," Seinfeld said. "I want to know, did the Mets win or not?"

"I look at Facebook," Zuckerberg responded. "Before I put my contacts in, I look at what's going on at Facebook. ... That's not my best moment." 

The Facebook head also revealed that, like many mortal humans, his baby sometimes disrupts his sleep.

"Max is like a pterodactyl," Zuckerberg said. "I didn't know a human could make those noises."

And then the two discussed working out, programming artificial intelligence and how good bike shops smell. You know, average stuff.

You can watch the hour-long video session -- a form described by one Facebook exec Tuesday as the future of communication -- above.