Mark Zuckerberg Angers Anti-Vaxxers With Picture Of His Daughter Awaiting Shots

Image sparked fierce response from those who believe vaccinations cause autism.

Mark Zuckerberg took a stand in favor of vaccines this weekend, posting a picture to Facebook of his daughter about to receive her shots.

The social network's founder uploaded the snap of 2-month-old Max on Friday and wrote, "Doctor's visit -- time for vaccines!"

The photo angered anti-vaxxers and sparked a fierce debate about in the comments section with some conspiracy theorists repeating the discredited theory that they cause autism. However, many people applauded him for his choice.

In fact, most of the 82,000 comments were supportive of the billionaire tech chief and mocked the anti-vaxxers' stance.

"What kind of parent are you? Putting life saving chemicals in that baby! You'd think you loved her or something," wrote one person.

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