Step Up Your Coffee Game For Less Than $13 With This Insanely Easy Tool

“It made the foamiest foam I have ever seen,” wrote a reviewer.
Zulay Kitchen milk frother
Zulay Kitchen milk frother

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We love a good coffee shop drink, and enjoy the sweet flavors, latte art and silky foam of a barista-made espresso drink. If you’re looking to level up your at-home coffee game, the good news is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy coffee equipment. If you want to froth up milk for a cappuccino or a latte at home, all you need is an electric whisk — and Walmart has one for less than $13.

The Zulay Kitchen milk frother turns milk and cream into foam for coffee and tea drinks. It can also be used to prepare matcha tea (by whisking matcha powder into water), make egg white foam for cocktails and so much more. It’s available in a rainbow of colors, and pricing varies by color; the cheapest option at the moment is a hot pink iteration for $10.99; the most expensive is an all-black version for $24.99. It comes with a simple stand to prop it up on your counter when you’re not using it, but it’s also compact enough to go in a drawer for storage. To clean it, simply dip the stainless steel whisk head into hot, soapy water and rise.

With more than 500 5-star reviews, it’s safe to say this milk frother has some fans. Reviewer PioneerWomanfan commented that they use it every day to make their coffee feel special. Reviewer Blackbarbie04 wrote it’s comfortable to hold, lightweight and has a lot of power. And reviewer Lola, who bought the milk frother because it was on sale and wasn’t sure what to expect, was pleasantly surprised. “This milk frother has a lot of power for a little gadget and worked great the first time I used it.” The manufacturer claims that the frother achieves a speed of 12,500 rotations per minute and can make foam in seconds. “It made the foamiest foam I have ever seen,” wrote reviewer aritipbia. “Within like 15-20 seconds.”

Pick up the Zulay Kitchen milk frother at Walmart. It requires two AA batteries to work (which aren’t included), so you’ll also want to pick some up if you don’t have any.

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