Zumba Zombies Dancing Dead Scare up Halloween Excitement

Zumba Zombies Dancing Dead Scare up Halloween Excitement
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Zumba Zombies have taken over Halloween fun. Just when one thought it was safe to go outside, one now should watch out for mad dancing Zumba Zombies taking over the streets. The walking dead are so last century since they have been replaced with the dancing dead in high Zumba fashion.

Zumba Zombies celebrating Halloween
Zumba Zombies celebrating Halloween
Image courtesy of Zumba Fitness

Zumba has embraced Halloween by dressing up like zombies to celebrate the festive costumed season. Through some music, makeup and creativity Zumba has transformed their dancing workout into a fun, freaky dancing dead workout. With the inventive "Come Back to Life" campaign the Zumba Zombies video looks excitingly like a new X-Box game.

A short poem explains what turned ordinary slow moving zombies into Zumba Zombies.

"Once upon a time, long long ago. Came #ZumbaZombies who moved quite slow. They were searching for brains. Or at least protein gains. Until some MUSIC changed their flow."

Zumba has taken the season of Halloween and turned it into a fun way to get people moving and back into shape. As one can see in the fun video Zumba has found a way to bring rotting corpses back to life with exciting makeup, music and of course dancing. The Zumba Zombies digital campaign aims to show folks that if the dead moving to a faster beat with a Zumba workout than everyone else sure can as well.

This cool Zumba dance video is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Zumba Zombies come to life by the power of music. The video fun features Zumba Creator Beto Perez, along with members of the Zumba home office staff. Absolutely no professional dancers or actors were used, proving how anyone is capable of learning to groove and get into shape Zumba style. The stars of the video underwent creepy makeovers with the help of several makeup artists and Zumba's go-to stylist to give the look of an underworld with an unearthly feel.

In a behind-the-scenes video makeup artist, Maria Perroni Morona, shares her secrets for how she helped the crew achieve the Zombie-like looks. Morona's Zombie makeover advice includes “using liquid latex to kind of give like a fleshy, rotting skin, falling off….” effect. One can certainly get into the Zumba Zombie fun by dressing up ready to dance like a zombie for Halloween.

Zumba is specifically designed to bring people together to have fun sweating with a mission stating "We take the 'work' out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party." Zumba is known for using Latin and world rhythms to entice with a dance work out that promises fun, which is the reason many call Zumba "exercise in disguise."

The filming used advanced technology including a Phantom drone. "Thriller" may have gotten zombies rocking to the music in the twentieth century but now Zumba Zombies are taking over to show how the dancing is down in twenty-first century fashion. Join in the fun of Halloween in freaky fitness fashion and never be afraid to dance!

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