Zynga Introduces PrivacyVille Game To Teach People About Privacy

Zynga's New Game

Zynga's newest game won't let you grow corn. But it will teach you about online privacy.

The game, called PrivacyVille, is intended to help users learn more about Zynga's privacy practices and also gives people access to additional privacy resources.

"We created PrivacyVille by leveraging our creative and gaming talents to build a more accessible (and rewarding!) privacy education experience," the company said in a blog post.

PrivacyVille is modeled after the game CityVille and gives users rewards for learning about privacy. Users don't have to be registered or on Facebook to play the game, though if they are, they can collect zPoints to receive items in other Zynga games.

In PrivacyVille, players go on a tour of a small town where the buildings each represent parts of Zynga's privacy policy. After the tour, users take a quiz to become a Certified PrivacyVille Tour Guide. Afterwards, they can take their zPoints to RewardVille and redeem them for virtual items.

The game opens up to the public today at www.zynga.com/privacy.

Zynga recently filed its S-1 form with the Securities and Exchange Commission in preparation of its initial public offering.

Check out PrivacyVille below:

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