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News By, For And About You

A lot of what you read in the news is about the powerful, rich and famous: the White House, Wall Street and Hollywood. These stories often position you on the outside looking in, passive consumers of the day-to-day drip of history.

At HuffPost, we want to expand the definition of news. Simply put, news is what matters to you. We believe that real life is news. We believe in people before power. And we want to converse with our readers and not get locked into an echo chamber.

So our strategy starts with us listening to you. Here are some of the projects inspired by what you’ve told us.

Read Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen's introduction to HuffPost Community here.

Existing While Black

Walking, driving, working, talking on the phone, barbecuing, simply existing — these are among the mundane activities for which black people are getting policed every day. Headline after headline this year highlighted the routine racism that so many black people across the diaspora currently face. These stories are just a snapshot in a long – sometimes seemingly infinite – history of such instances.

The results are significant: Too many of these casual incidents have fatal consequences. The habit of calling the police for non-emergencies wastes valuable public resources and damages the fabric of our diverse society. So this conversation shouldn't stop with a few headlines.

What does it feel like for every move you make to be policed? HuffPost is collecting stories from black people who have experienced this for a long-term project that sheds light on this everyday injustice: Existing While Black.


Betting The House

Think about your home. Picture your front door, the kitchen where you make your meals, the bed where you lay your head at night.

It might be a comforting thought. But for millions of Americans, their housing situation is anything but comforting. Thanks to a market that incentivizes luxury developments, Americans — particularly the lowest-income among us — are woefully underhoused. Many are left fighting for increasingly rare affordable housing and are often forced to contend with lengthy commutes and childcare struggles, in addition to giving up food or fun to make rent.

HuffPost wants to hear from you for a new project called Betting The House. How long did it take you to find affordable housing — and what have you sacrificed to get it? Are you prepared for your housing future?


Searching for Normal

People all over the world turn to the internet to answer life’s most pressing questions. Ongoing anxieties and changing social norms have resulted in search-driven reassurance, introspection and self-diagnosis. These types of searches return an overwhelming amount of information and solutions from a variety of sources — some more valid than others. The results are often incomplete, unreliable or plain wrong.

HuffPost is doing the research to provide comprehensive answers to people's most commonly Googled questions about normality. Searching For Normal is our new series that takes the guesswork out of personal and wellness concerns, giving you the expert-backed answers you need.


Listen to America

What issues do people care about most in places we don’t hear from often enough? That’s what HuffPost set out to discover last year on our Listen to America bus tour. We interviewed nearly 1,700 people (you can hear more than 300 of them in this beautiful interactive) and listened to what they had to say. What we heard surprised us, and informs the stories we’re telling at HuffPost today.