05/03/2021 04:10pm
The country lost 100,000 lives in just one month. Some health experts warn there may be gruesome days ahead when the Southern Hemisphere enters winter.
05/03/2021 04:03pm
More than 8 million people are expected to vote in the West Bengal state elections, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party has held huge rallies.
04/26/2021 03:40pm
More than 16.9 million COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in India, behind only the United States. Experts say that tally could be a huge undercount.
04/26/2021 03:32pm
For the third day in a row, India set a global daily record of new COVID-19 infections — and thousands died.
04/26/2021 03:28pm
Fatalities also rose by 2,104 in the past 24 hours, raising India's overall death toll to 184,657.
04/19/2021 03:44pm
Health care workers in Rio de Janeiro say they have had to resort to tying conscious patients to beds during the procedures.
The travel restrictions are set to begin on May 4 to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Reps. Scott Peters (Calif.) and Ron Kind (Wis.) echoed pharmaceutical industry talking points in a letter drafted to President Joe Biden.
“The only way to protect ourselves and your loved ones ― and to end the government’s restrictions on our freedoms ― is to take action and get the vaccine,” a group of Republican doctors urged constituents in a new video.
The virtual address will come as the U.S. makes progress on vaccinating the public and much of the world struggles to acquire vaccines.
Pence hit the slopes as his own task force urged strict precautions amid historic highs in coronavirus cases and the CDC told people to stay home.
The Wisconsin Republican, who is up for reelection in 2022, questioned the "big push" to get everyone vaccinated.
"The high demands of some of our entitled patrons, coupled with these new rules designed to lessen the... risks of dining out, made for some tricky interactions."
"I have experienced approximately 100 symptoms. ... Although my life is no longer in danger, the inflammation that seems to be raging throughout my body will not quit."
"COVID-19 has opened a Pandora’s box of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues that will be difficult to put back."
"I'll never forget early pandemic when u found out how many ppl had second family homes"
Some college sexual assault victims welcomed remote learning due to COVID-19 because it was the only form of protection they could get.
People share how the coronavirus has affected their anxiety, depression and more, along with how they're coping.
The emotional impact of the coronavirus cannot be understated. Here are the main problems experts are worried about.
"I really am disabled now, so it really does take a toll."
From little kids to teens, here's to make the unknown exciting again – and calm any nerves.