01/18/2021 03:01pm
The tennis players on the affected flights are banned from leaving their hotel rooms for 14 days, even to practice ahead of the tournament which starts Feb. 8.
01/18/2021 03:07pm
Three samples in China's Tianjin municipality showed traces of the coronavirus, possibly due to a combination of poor hygiene and cold storage temperatures.
01/18/2021 03:10pm
The milestone was reached just over a year after the coronavirus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
01/15/2021 11:15am
The politically sensitive investigation comes amid uncertainty about whether Beijing might try to prevent embarrassing discoveries.
01/15/2021 12:45pm
The CDC order goes into effect Jan. 26 and applies to U.S. citizens as well as foreign travelers.
01/12/2021 03:11pm
“I think vaccination is critical in order to ensure that we have a way out of this – otherwise it is going to be very difficult,” the Prince of Wales, 72, told CNN.
The move is part of a package of executive orders aimed at stimulating the economy.
The president signed 10 actions designed to focus on mending public trust and overhauling the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
To kickstart his national strategy, Biden will give directives on everything from vaccines to school reopenings.
The new president wasted no time in ensuring that millions of Americans were not forced out on the streets during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a renewed push against COVID-19, the president is ordering people to wear masks while on federal property and encouraging their use everywhere else.
Initial actions will require masks on federal property, urge masks everywhere else and reorganize the federal response to the pandemic.
"Some of the customers I’d been friendly with for years seemed to hold no respect not only for our policies but for our health and safety behind the counter."
"Despite the jealousy, difficulties and triggers, I whole-heartedly welcomed my primary’s new girlfriend into my life."
"The isolation of the pandemic is exponentially worse for me than it is for a sighted person.”
Children deserve so much credit for their resilience, and we can do a few things to give them a better 2021.
As COVID-19 rages on, take the time to congratulate your own parenting wins.
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