HuffPost Celebrates LGBTQ Pride, Love And Resistance In 2018

Pride is a time of love and celebration – but also, especially in 2018, one of solidarity and resistance. Because of this, HuffPost is observing Pride month through a lens we're calling #TheFutureIsQueer where, for us, being queer is not just about identity – it's about action.

We're fighting for a world and a future where everyone values the lives and well-being of LGBTQ people. Where people are free to understand and embrace their own identities outside of outdated and binary ways of thinking. Where the young people who make up the queerest generation ever can make a real, tangible impact on the world. And where queerness and being different is seen as something to be celebrated.

Join us throughout June as we elevate the voices of LGBTQ people and their allies and envision what a queer, truly inclusive and compassionate future could look like.

Pride Month Features

Creating Change: 30 Modern Day LGBTQ Pioneers

People from all across the spectrum of LGBTQ identity are making an impact in their communities and on American culture every single day. From celebrities and activists to your next door neighbor or your child’s teacher, LGBTQ people are everywhere – and their actions are shaping attitudes surrounding queerness, identity and human experience. This month, we are highlighting 30 different queer cultural influencers who have challenged and continue to broaden our understanding of LGBTQ issues and whose work is helping to create a more inclusive and equitable future for us all.

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