One of the most worrying aspects of our Trump-ified, hyper-speed news cycle is that important stories disappear fast, swallowed by the latest indignity or shiny object. It leads to a kind of amnesia, where stories of the utmost importance one day can feel ancient, even boring, in no time. And that's dangerous. It means that major issues don't get the attention they deserve, that life-altering policies can sneak through in the chaos.

We won’t let that happen on the issues of political extremism and white supremacy. Understanding how these forces of hate are warping the country’s politics and dividing its citizens is just too important. So what we need from you is your sustained interest. For our part, we plan to create a hub for iterative reporting on political extremism in all its forms. We will track the players, we will follow the money, we will expose the infrastructure of hate in a way that simply hasn't been done yet.

White supremacy won't fall with just a few statues. Keep up with the story here.