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Women’s Work

Women are reshaping their roles at home and in the workplace, whether in fields traditionally dominated by men, or those that have long seen women at the forefront. In the U.S. and abroad, we're highlighting how women get it done.

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“It was like freedom all over again. It was like being born again, I guess. It was like I woke up.”
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When Tiffany Freeze’s service ended, she found her purpose through creativity and advocating for her fellow veterans.
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When Capt. Rachelle Thomas came back from war, a new battle for gender equality and wellness began.
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The congresswoman praised female politicians for "leading the charge in Congress" at the world premiere of "Little Women" in New York.
Don't be too honest, but do come prepared to sell your value.
Democrats Julián Castro, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and more raised awareness for Latina Equal Pay Day.

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Looking at thousands of crowdsourced salaries can be overwhelming. Here's how to make sense of it all.
"It’s funny how much energy my children have until I tell them it’s time to take a bath."
The proposed labor agreement would dramatically increase player salaries and provide paid maternity leave, among other benefits.
The actor and director has an adult son named Ian.
A list of great ideas for any stage, from newborn to school-age.
"My version of self-care is giving myself a mini steam facial when I strain pasta over the sink."
Kids throw tantrums. Here's how parents can keep calm in the moment.
After all, every parent deserves some "me" time.
Silvio Horta, the show's creator, left a better vision of prosperity for new generations of Latinos in the character of Betty Suarez.
Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley and Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski want to expand the right to pump on the job to millions more workers.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
The number of female characters in box office hits reached a “recent historic high,” according to an annual study, but women of color are making fewer gains.