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Cancer is the nurturing and empathetic caretaker of the zodiac. They are highly intuitive, compassionate, and deeply connected to their emotions. Caring for family and loved ones is paramount to Cancer's happiness.




A community based on shared beliefs could be a comforting place for you now. Even so, this safe haven might contain a few power struggles. They may simply be concealed by seemingly earnest concern for correctness regarding the finer points of the group's dogma. Acknowledging that this is going on could be disappointing -- you probably hoped your companions were better than that! You're all only human, though, and there are some challenges that can't be escaped, no matter where you go.

Your Week In Love

A romantic dream come true could be just around the corner. Whatever the specifics are, they're likely something you've been wishing for with all your heart. Venus embraces Saturn on Monday, with Venus in your 11th House of Dreams and Saturn in your 9th House of Faith. What situations would you like to see in your love life? This is your week to set them in motion! Then, on Saturday, Venus and Uranus make a radical conjunction in your sociable 11th house. A friend might abruptly declare romantic feelings for you -- whether or not you're single. Either way, you might feel like your heart's just been shocked by a defibrillator!

Your Next 30 Days

You're about to become a social butterfly! A gorgeous New Moon in your 11th House of Alliances on May 7 will open up doors for you to network, meet people, and make friends. With Venus moving through the same part of your chart and making an electrifying connection to Uranus on May 18, there could also be a romantic surprise coming your way while you're attending a social event. It's also possible that a friend will throw you off guard by suggesting that the two of you should go out on a date.

A Full Moon in your work sector on May 23 could bring the ending to a major project you've been working on. Once you feel ready to share this with others, there's every indication that it will be well-received.

Spiritual enlightenment becomes profound towards the end of the month. Jupiter enters your subtle 12th house on May 25, which will bring expansion to the most private parts of your life. You may cherish time alone more than usual, as it will allow you to explore your faith or intuition on a deeper level. Hidden cosmic protection is another blessing from Jupiter during this phase.

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