Sales had increased by 0.3% the month before. The World Health Organization sounded the alarm about the new COVID-19 variant in late November.
More than 80 stores are involved in a walkout at the Kroger-owned chain.
The bank will cut the overdraft fees it charges customers to $10 from $35 starting in May. It will also stop charging fees for bounced checks.
Federal labor officials determined that Amazon interfered in the first election and tainted the results.
The union representing employees at King Soopers and City Market has scheduled a walkout over pay and working conditions.
The campaign to organize the world’s largest coffee chain is gaining steam.
After omicron hit, some consumers stayed home and shifted their spending to e-commerce -- but sales stayed strong.
Employees voted to ratify a new contract to end a work stoppage that began in early October.
The coffee chain's workers have union elections brewing at a whole latte stores, but the road to a first union contract could be a bitter one.
Lab tests showed that the booster shot significantly increased antibodies able to fight omicron, but with an increase in the usual side effects, the company said.
Cyberattacks have interrupted schools, hospitals, government and an array of businesses across the country.
The new offer includes cost-of-living adjustments and a $1.10 per hour raise for all employees.
U.S. law allows employers to permanently replace strikers in many cases. But the facts of the strike and the politics of the day could make it harder for Kellogg's.
Employees said they didn’t give the shipping giant permission to divert their pay to the United Way.
The battle for the first union contract at a U.S. Starbucks will require aggressive organizing — and could take years.
The coffee chain may challenge the results, but it looks like Starbucks’ U.S. stores will no longer be 100% union-free.
The work stoppage at the storied cereal maker has stretched beyond two months.
A high-profile organizing campaign inside the coffee giant may culminate with the counting of ballots in upstate New York as early as Dec. 9.
An official with the labor board said Amazon tainted the election process by installing a mailbox onsite for ballots.
The variant, recently dubbed omicron, was first noticed in South Africa and has spread to several other nations.