The union said it’s just sour grapes: "Workers have spoken loud and clear."
The new independent union Trader Joe’s United has now won two elections in as many months, showing momentum behind the young campaign.
The company has faced thousands of lawsuits alleging its talcum powder caused users to develop ovarian cancer, although medical research indicates it is safe.
Fresh off a win in Massachusetts, the new Trader Joe’s United hopes to unionize stores in Minneapolis and beyond.
In a rare move, workers at a neighborhood restaurant chain are looking to the join the wave of union organizing at Starbucks, Amazon and Trader Joe's.
The chain claims it needs to recoup its costs for employees who leave early. Workers say the real aim is to hold their wages down.
The grocer will finally have to bargain with a union, the new Trader Joe’s United.
JetBlue is buying Spirit Airlines in a $3.8 billion deal, a day after Spirit and Frontier Airlines agreed to abandon their merger proposal.
As part of the agreement with the DOJ and the CFPB, Trident Mortgage Co. will have to set aside $20 million to make loans in underserved neighborhoods.