At least one flight attendant died and more than 100 have tested positive for COVID-19 so far.
People who believe their workplaces are not essential have been begging governors, police, health departments and others to shut them down.
The lack of clear disclosure added a new layer of panic for workers whose union organizing efforts the airline is battling.
Memos to workers at Sanderson Farms show the strain poultry workers are under during the coronavirus pandemic.
Nine senators wrote letters this week to airline CEOs calling refunds a "moral" obligation after Congress approved a $50 billion bailout for the industry.
The pandemic has revealed just how poorly many companies treat their employees. Will workers continue to fight back once life goes back to normal?
The retailer's latest efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus may take weeks to go into effect -- and workers say more is needed.
Retailers see e-commerce as a way to survive the coronavirus pandemic. Their warehouse workers wonder if they'll survive it, too.
“Everybody’s close to each other, look,” says one employee in the video.
The arts-and-crafts chain has refused to close all its stores. Here's an inside look at the turmoil in one location where a shopper revealed they might be infected.
The Times used a chart to put the 3.3 million new unemployment claims into haunting perspective.
Several other luxury hotels stepped up later to offer beds to medical workers in the midst of the pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.
The co-owner of Gerrity's Supermarket in Pennsylvania called the alleged act a "very twisted prank" that made him "absolutely sick to my stomach."
Workers say they're being pushed to the brink, even as the company fails to protect them from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The company told landlords it can't pay due to the coronavirus pandemic.
JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels and GameStop all got hit with cease-and-desist orders for staying open as the coronavirus spreads.
Even as power companies suspend disconnections amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many are likely falling through gaping cracks in state and company policies.
Many companies think they're part of the "critical infrastructure" allowed to carry on despite COVID-19. But their employees feel anguish over working right now.
Employees at the company's California call center have been told to continue working despite a statewide shelter-in-place order.
The company appeared to change its policy after this article's initial publication.