Inside the high-stakes campaign that ended with a lopsided loss for the union.
Compensation jumped, even for the chief executive of a pandemic-battered cruise line, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis.
The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union is accusing Amazon of breaking labor law during the campaign and plans to contest the results.
Workers were voting against unionization by a more than 2-to-1 margin when the labor board paused the ballot count.
The drugmaker didn’t say how many doses were lost, and it wasn’t clear how the problem would impact future deliveries.
The automaker said the stunt was meant to highlight its move toward electric vehicles.
Everyone wants to know who wins, but be ready for challenged ballots, days or weeks of waiting for results and a protracted legal fight.
At least 150 other vessels needing to pass through the crucial waterway are waiting for the obstruction to clear, authorities said.
The Birmingham area surrounding the fulfillment center has unusually deep labor roots. Organizers hope that will propel a historic union victory in the South.
The retail giant's attempt to scuttle a union drive is just a scaled-up version of corporate America's standard playbook.