AT&T will combine its massive media operations that include CNN HBO, TNT and TBS in a $43 billion deal with Discovery
The United Food and Commercial Workers union fears the relaxed guidelines will create more uncertainty for grocery workers.
Now Kroger is closing stores where communities are requiring hazard pay.
The fast-food giant is also encouraging its franchisees — which make up 95% of its restaurant base — to boost pay.
The biggest fuel pipeline in the U.S. had halted service after becoming the victim of a ransomware attack that cut off deliveries to the East Coast.
A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies found that low-wage companies tweaked compensation rules to boost executive pay.
Authorities in Texas said no one was driving the Autopilot-equipped Tesla when it hit a tree and burst into flames, killing both occupants.
Musk is barking up Dogecoin again after its value dropped nearly 30% during his appearance on "Saturday Night Live."
The hospitality union Unite Here says the airline is trying to avoid a union contract after receiving billions in rescue money from the government.
COVID-19 took a toll on solar employment, but compensation is now comparable to other energy industry jobs, according to a new report.