A landmark report looks at potential human interventions to boost how much planet-warming carbon dioxide the sea can suck up.
This year, authorities discovered dozens of breeders had injected camels’ heads and lips with Botox to make them bigger.
Normally giving food to wild animals is considered off limits.
The U.S. Navy has suspended use of World War II-era fuel tank farm above a Hawaii aquifer that supplies nearly 20% of Honolulu’s drinking water.
The seasonal cyclone, known as a Kona low, could bring up to 25 inches of rain to some parts of the islands.
Imani and Hermien only have runny noses so far, according to zoo officials.
Blizzard warnings for Hawaii are rare, but not totally unheard of.
Yes, that's a first for the Colorado capital since record-keeping began.
New rules instated after the Flint water crisis were heralded as the nation’s strictest, but lax enforcement and testing gaps mean all is not as it seems.
The calf appeared to be left for dead in Kenya's Masai Mara.
We’ve heard these claims before. But the mounting scale of the climate and energy conundrum is fueling more money and favorable policies into atomic power.
A new study found that warmer sea temperatures may be driving albatross breeding pairs to split up at higher rates.
But its recommendation stopped short of the outright ban pushed by environmental groups.
Oil companies purchased new rights to drill on top of a 1970s dumping ground, where thousands of barrels of chemical waste litter the ocean floor.
The court overruled a voter-passed amendment to the state constitution that would have legalized recreational marijuana use.
Born a stray in a backyard in Turkey, Midas' charming personality and unique look have won her worldwide fans.
The Space Agency hopes to establish a sun-independent power source for missions to the moon by the end of the decade.
Sequoia National Park says lightning-sparked wildfires in the past two years have killed a minimum of nearly 10,000 giant sequoia trees in California.
"Our nation’s lands and waters should be places to celebrate the outdoors ... not to perpetuate the legacies of oppression," said the interior secretary.
About 3 in 4 survey respondents believe global warming is happening, and more than half agree that we are being harmed by climate change “right now.”