Before and after photos of the course reveal dramatic change.
"Captain Kirk" suggested we pollute other planets instead.
Buckingham Palace had no comment or clarification on the queen's remarks.
Beaches are supposed to be open to all. But as privatization sweeps the debt-smothered territory, treasured shorelines face new threats.
The 31-year-old journalist helps her audience make sense of the impact of colonization, history and climate change on Puerto Rico.
"If we’re not careful we’re robbing from our children’s future through what we do now," the Duke of Cambridge said.
The projects would transform the U.S. power grid and help President Joe Biden meet the U.S.'s climate targets.
Utah's GOP delegation portrayed tribes as allies in their fight against protected national monuments, even though they petitioned for one site's creation.
Staff members nicknamed the turtles Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen after the twin child stars.
"What would you do?" asked a reptile rescuer, showing the mass of adult and baby snakes.