A city official said the building management company wouldn't turn the heat off in a senior housing facility despite outdoor temperatures reaching the 90s.
The two fires have destroyed at least 330 homes and displaced thousands of residents in the state.
A Montana-based firefighter stumbled upon a newborn elk amid the ashes of the nation's largest wildfire.
Animal rights activists have long said declawing is inhumane when done solely for the benefit of humans.
A startling photo shows the dog with an arrow sticking out of both sides of her neck, where it somehow missed vital arteries.
The understaffed agency was buffeted by a headquarters relocation. Now workers are hoping a union can strengthen their hand.
Federal meteorologists say the summer in the Atlantic will produce 14 to 21 named storms, with three to six turbo-charging into major hurricanes.
A fluffy black kitten named Binx was found attempting to care for three younger kittens "as best he could."
Six people were treated for minor injuries after the incident in Redding, California.