Trento Prosecutor Sandro Raimondi said 17 hikers are still missing, local media reported.
The whale showed off when the crew cut away netting from its tail.
In an earlier terrifying attack, a man intervened after a massive animal knocked down his child.
More than 500 days into his presidency, Joe Biden’s hope for saving the Earth from the devastating effects of climate change may not be dead.
Animal trainer Bhagavan "Doc" Antle was the focus of a Netflix documentary spin-off to "Tiger King" in 2021.
Great white shark carcasses have been washing up off the coast of South Africa with their livers and sometimes hearts removed.
A "filibuster carveout" like the kind being considered for abortion is not enough, the New York Democrat said.
The court just made it much harder for the federal government to respond to climate change.
The Republican had a history of electoral success in Oklahoma and widespread name recognition, but didn’t get out of single digits on Tuesday.
One member of the celebrated pair is now with a younger bird.