A series of powerful storms in the central and southern U.S. left a wide trail of destroyed homes, businesses and power outages.
European leaders want to transform this forgotten farming region into the continent's largest lithium mining operation — and locals are fighting back.
"This really could have ended horribly," a New Zealand conservation officer said of the shocking incident, which was caught on video.
The "Furiosa" star was about to make one of the sharks very furious, he said on "The Late Show."
Lopburi is being run ragged by more than 2,500 wild monkeys so officials are trying to trap the simian raiders using trickery and ripe tropical fruit.
The agency has warned of an 85% chance of an above-normal season, with up to seven major hurricanes expected in the Atlantic over the next six months.
Wilbur, Charlotte and Bluey added some fun to the usual physical and mental wellness exercises at a class in central Massachusetts.
The renowned guide climbed the world's tallest mountain two times this month alone.
Steve MacLaughlin spoke out to his Florida viewers and forecast a better future if they vote with climate change in mind.
The rule is the first major update to national standards for gas furnaces in four decades.