Farmers and rural residents say they're at their wits end battling the growing tide of mice.
The biggest fuel pipeline in the U.S. had halted service after becoming the victim of a ransomware attack that cut off deliveries to the East Coast.
Bolder than your average bear, the animal climbed up two utility poles and even sat on the wires at one point.
A candidate for New York City comptroller has a novel idea for a municipally owned solar utility in a city with little space for giant panel farms.
Once complete, Vineyard Wind will be the nation’s largest offshore wind farm, powering approximately 400,000 homes.
It resides thousands of feet below the ocean's surface and is rarely seen.
Environmental groups, and even the state's own Fish and Game Department, opposed the measure that would permit the deaths of more than 1,000 wolves.
Chevy, an American bulldog, is sitting pretty after being saved from a scary situation on a hike.