Nearly 20 condors have trashed Cinda Mickols’ home in Tehachapi, ruining a spa cover, decorative flags and lawn ornaments and leaving lots of bird poop.
Sheri Gouveia was filming her daughter Anela Rezentes frolicking at Oahu's Kalama Beach when the shark began thrashing around her.
The Fox News personality suggested a very selfish alternative to the New York Democrat's proposed Green New Deal.
COVID-19 took a toll on solar employment, but compensation is now comparable to other energy industry jobs, according to a new report.
Republicans in Congress are parroting an anti-conservation group's talking points about the White House's goal of protecting 30% of lands and waters by 2030.
Replacing coal with fuels like natural gas and wood may offer some climate benefits, but the harm to public health remains.
Hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, are considered a major driver of global warming and are being targeted worldwide.
To be "truly at the forefront of dining and culinary innovation, to me, it’s crystal clear that this is the only place to go next,” said chef Daniel Humm.
“It took all three of us to heave her over the side of the boat,” the crew said.
A mama bear and cubs tracked nearby were euthanized out of an "abundance of caution," said a wildlife official.