The National Weather Service has extended a flood watch for areas of eastern Kentucky and said there’s a threat of thunderstorms in the region for much of the coming week.
Zachary will be headed to a sanctuary where a better life is ahead of him.
Record rainfall at Death Valley National Park buried dozens of vehicles in mud and debris and trapped hundreds of workers and visitors there.
The victims included a Wisconsin husband and wife who were celebrating more than five decades of marriage.
In the 1990s, the nation’s largest public housing authority helped popularize energy-efficient refrigerators. Now it’s ready to do the same for heat pumps.
The historic spending package is also forecast to create up to 9 million new jobs, lower electricity bills and prevent thousands of premature deaths.
“The time has long since passed to have real meaningful leadership in this aridification megadrought."
The seaweed, which smells like rotten eggs, is killing fish and other wildlife, choking tourism and releasing stinky, noxious gases.
The Icelandic Meteorological Office urged people not to go near the Fagradalsfjall volcano.
State Rep. Alex Ramel's reelection campaign could be a referendum on electrification.