The baby orangutan was delivered by cesarean section on Saturday, weighing just over three pounds, park officials said.
Bald eagles Jackie and Shadow had thousands of fans watching a livestream of their California nest, hoping to witness eaglets hatch.
An orphaned killer whale stranded in a remote Vancouver Island lagoon is proving difficult for rescuers to catch.
A large distressed sawfish has been rescued by wildlife officials in the Florida Keys, where more than three dozen of the endangered fish have died in recent months.
The regulation would change how much of the United States builds homes.
Environmentalists called the reforms long overdue. Industry says they will drive small producers off of federal lands.
These titles recommended by conservationists and other environmental experts can help you feel a bit more optimistic about the state of the planet.
It's reportedly the largest-ever settlement for a derailment accident in the U.S. and comes approximately 14 months after the disaster.
"The View" host tried to make a few connections that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar weren't buying.
The European climate agency says Earth was record hot for the 10th consecutive month in March.