The legislation could inflict harsh new punishments on Black protesters opposing a massive complex of plastics plants on what are likely slave burial grounds.
America loves ordering in, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic. But our hunger for convenience could bury the planet in trash.
If the oil company supports the Paris climate accord, investors say it should push for stronger action to fight global warming.
Officers for the Fort Myers Police Department said the doughnuts as well as some blueberry pie-scented spray in a trap did the trick.
The ex-Utah congressman, who in 2017 proposed selling off 3 million acres of public land, is on a mission to ensure people can flood national parks during a pandemic.
U.S. cities are closing down streets to car traffic and opening them up to people. But which neighborhoods get them and whether they'll stay remains to be seen.
Environmental activists are sounding the alarm as city streets become littered with masks and gloves, and single-use plastics get a new lease on life.
Experts have warned that such a long delay could have catastrophic consequences as momentum is lost in the fight against climate change.
Young Alessandro Breda kept his cool throughout the nerve-racking encounter.
In a racist incident gone viral, Amy Cooper called the police on Christian Cooper, claiming there was “an African American man threatening my life.”