The top dogs of the oceanic food web have been overfished to the point of collapse, a troubling new study says.
"The conditions are at last — at last — in place for a real solution" to climate change, said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.
The president’s latest executive actions put a pause on new oil and gas leasing on federal acres and set an aggressive conservation goal.
The philanthropists, who have donated $1.75 billion to coronavirus research, argued that global health needs to be a top priority.
Coal is in a death spiral — but it's far from clear when the final coal plant will close.
The executive order, part of a suite of climate actions, could set the stage for bigger policies down the road.
Periodical cicadas spend the majority of their lives buried in soil, but these insects will appear across the East Coast and Midwest in just a few months.
In an open letter, more than 400 elected officials pledge to do their part to achieve the new administration's ambitious conservation goal.
Fultondale Police Chief D.P. Smith said a young man trapped in the basement of his home was pronounced dead at the scene.
A complaint at the International Criminal Court alleges the Brazilian president has violated human rights law by targeting tribes and the Amazon rainforest.