Gov. Kate Brown signed the bill as the massive Bootleg fire raged in southern Oregon.
Dead ringers for the lovable cartoon duo were found on an NOAA seafloor expedition.
The miners of Warrior Met in Alabama say they're determined to win back what they lost in bankruptcy five years ago.
First, a loophole let fossil fuels eat up funding meant for community solar. Now proposed new fire codes pose new challenges for rooftop panels.
Dozens of environmental groups expect to spend tens of millions of dollars in August building support for climate legislation.
“I’m hopeful this tragedy will inspire our elected leaders to take action to restore our rivers before it is too late.”
The "greatest declines" in coral in the Bahamas are linked by researchers to the stony coral tissue loss disease, which may be triggered by ship traffic.
The final victim of the building collapse in Florida has been identified, more than a month after the catastrophe that claimed 98 lives.
Rapid growth in Big Sky is threatening the Gallatin River, a tributary of the Missouri River and a renowned fly fishing destination.