At least 21 people in Florida are dead and nearly 2 million remain without power.
Federal officials won’t divulge how many eagles are reported killed by wind farms.
Hurricane Ian has regained some strength after exiting Florida and taking aim at South Carolina.
The Flagler Beach pier on the east coast of Florida has sustained significant damage as Hurricane Ian whipped up waves that broke off a large portion of the wooden structure.
Tony Atkins of WESH 2 in Orlando said he first looked for crocodiles and downed power lines before wading into the swirling, waist-high waters.
Gates has made significant donations with the aim of fighting climate change, including $20 billion of his own fortune in July to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Activists are holding events with a six-foot-tall "scatue" of the Wisconsin GOP senator to protest his claim that climate change is “bullshit.”
Farmer Friedrich Stapel said that while wild boars can cause damage, he says "to leave it alone now would be unfair.”
The destruction was likened to a large tornado having barreled through, with homes and buildings "completely gone.”
Winston the whippet competed in Fastest Dogs USA and was swiftly bound for glory on the internet.