Building managers have put up two signs saying, “Warning! Beware of falcons. Parents will attack to protect babies on building ledge. Take a different path.”
The chase was on in South Africa, but it didn't last long.
The administration ordered a 20-year moratorium on new fossil fuel leasing within 10 miles of Chaco Canyon.
Experts say the specimen is less than 1 million years old, which is relatively "new" by fossil standards.
Federal prosecutors said Clifford Walters was not acting with malice when he attempted to help a bison calf cross the Lamar River to reunite with its mother.
Three board members of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which aids activists fighting a police training site, were charged with money laundering and charity fraud.
The judgments were related to health, safety and environmental violations.
The White House’s budget agreement with the GOP delivers the Mountain Valley Pipeline – sans the permitting reforms the renewable industry hoped for last year.
These kid-friendly parks in Arizona, South Dakota, California and other states are perfect for a family vacation.
Investigators were on the case when the Grand Canal became fluorescent green overnight.