An unusually strong solar storm meant that aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, could be seen across much of the United States.
Elon Musk’s computer-brain interface company says it experienced some loss of connectivity with its first human recipient.
Rakus an adult male, plucked and chewed up leaves of a medicinal plant known to treat pain and inflammation, and then applied the plant juices to an injury on the right cheek.
The bills will give GOP industry allies something to tout heading into the 2024 elections.
Akshat Rathi spoke with HuffPost about the evolution of climate denialism, and what the climate crisis means for democracy.
“She was not just an animal; she was a beloved member of our community," the interim director of the zoo said.
The changes are a marked shift for a federal agency that environmentalists have long derided as the “Bureau of Livestock and Mining.”
For the first time, extreme levels of bleaching have been seen along all regions of Australia's iconic reef.
The agency said in a blog post it had collected the item and determined it was a piece of hardware from the ISS.
The Trump-endorsed MAGA conservative keeps flip-flopping on the climate — and SEC filings reveal how hypocritical he really is.