He said the COVID-19 variant will "inevitably" come to the U.S. if it is not already here and warned that it is "going to have an advantage in transmissibility."
A new study found that warmer sea temperatures may be driving albatross breeding pairs to split up at higher rates.
Oil companies purchased new rights to drill on top of a 1970s dumping ground, where thousands of barrels of chemical waste litter the ocean floor.
Officials say the most important lesson for businesses from the federal experience is that once they take the first step toward requirements, their workers will follow.
The creation of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group follows over 100 incidents officials say they can't explain.
"We want to test this technique so that if and when we discover an asteroid … we have this tool in our belt and we are ready to go.”
“I want to go to space,” Strahan told “Good Morning America.” “I think being there at the first launch, it really was mind-blowing.”
The Space Agency hopes to establish a sun-independent power source for missions to the moon by the end of the decade.
It's the longest partial eclipse in 580 years and will be a sight to behold, astronomers say.
Mexico has resisted vaccinating minors ages 12 to 17, in part because the government focused on older adults believed to be more vulnerable.
The NASA astronaut is set to depart on her historic mission to the space station in April.
Officials plan to milk the massive funnel-web spider for venom and send it to a pharmaceutical company that can turn it into antivenom.
Wednesday's offshore lease sale was the biggest ever of its kind — including those conducted during the Trump administration.
It is unknown how long the man had the condition, but doctors said the disease is "indolent," and can avoid the body's immune response system for almost five years, the study said.
A White House official said the move by Russia would threaten activities in space “for years to come.”
Experts say patients who receive a vaccine with an incorrect dose may experience more arm soreness, fatigue, headache, or a fever.
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station took shelter in their docked capsules after what U.S. officials called "a debris-generating event."
The eggs and fossilized bones are the oldest known evidence of "complex social behavior" among dinosaurs, according to scientists.
Climate change may be fueling big changes to small birds deep in the forest, according to researchers.
Environmentalists are accusing the president of breaking a campaign promise to ban new federal fossil fuel leasing. The administration says its hands are tied.