The pebbles and dust delivered by the Osiris-Rex spacecraft represent the biggest haul from beyond the moon, capping a seven-year journey.
After touring Othram, a forensic DNA sequencing laboratory, Jeanne Ayotte was inspired to contribute $7,000 toward identifying a man who’d gone missing in 1983.
“When people meet each other, they meet each other with condolences. The first question they asked is not who died, but who survived.”
Internal agency communications confirm certain EPA experts, including a "key dioxin scientist," were not consulted until a month after the derailment.
But the study also failed to determine what these so-called unidentified anomalous phenomena are.
Research reveals the average time it takes between infection and symptoms for recent COVID variants — and it's pretty fast.
Hurricane Idalia rapidly intensified before striking Florida — a phenomenon that’s become alarmingly common as the planet warms.
Hundreds of people took part in a new search for Nessie.
Staffers have been getting the measurements of mid-sized meerkats, plump penguins and skinny stick insects.
The former lawyer for Donald Trump turbocharged his baseless claims of vote-rigging with an absolute doozy.