A study gives us some clues on whether COVID-19 can be transmitted through the air and how long it lingers.
Numerous social media posts showed sailors loudly chanting “Captain Crozier” as Brett Crozier disembarked from the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
Four major hurricanes are possible during the Atlantic hurricane season, which begins June 1, scientists said Thursday.
John Swaller was jailed in Missouri on a charge of making terroristic threats.
President Trump is warning Americans to brace for a “rough two-week period.”
The administration unveiled its final rule to gut Obama-era auto emissions standards as the COVID-19 pandemic rages.
A psychologist explains why people spilled onto bar patios when they should have been inside.
Over the past two weeks, Kentucky, South Dakota and West Virginia approved new laws meant to discourage Dakota Access-style protests. More are on the way.
The administration is pushing its pro-polluter agenda as the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 rises.
Republicans and Democrats alike are testing whether to fight or flatter, all in an attempt to get Trump's attention and his assurances.
The Vesper, or ventilation expansion splitter, can be produced cheaply with a 3D printer, its creators said.
Trump's loyal evangelical fans see the president's choice of the holiest date on the Christian calendar as a meaningful goal, even if it's purely aspirational.
Thwarting the coronavirus means washing hands and staying hydrated. That's not easy for the 2 million Americans still without plumbing in 2020.
Amid a global pandemic, members of Congress look to throw a lifeline to the industry that bankrolled their campaigns.
Pandemic vs. outbreak? Social distancing vs. stay in place? Here's a glossary of common COVID-19 phrases and what they mean.
Researchers said the creatures could be filling the biological role once played by extinct animals like giant llamas.
Outside observers and federal health officials say there are four primary issues that together hampered the national response to COVID-19.
You can get COVID-19 anywhere, but research suggests some modes are more contagious than others.
The bill targets the airline industry for emissions cuts in particular.
They approved pipelines and gold mines while attacking science as the death toll rises from the novel coronavirus and mass layoffs begin.