Hagibis was the worst storm to hit the country in decades, with some regions getting up to 3 feet of rain in just 24 hours.
The "Last Week Tonight" host tears into the Trump nominee who would oversee the agency.
The storm's phallus-shaped track had people cracking jokes on social media.
Bureau of Land Management acting director William Perry Pendley repeatedly dodged questions at an environmental journalism conference.
The exact reason why the tweezers were stuck is unknown.
She's fat, she's fabulous and she's the winner of Fat Bear Week 2019.
The Democratic presidential hopeful is adopting much of what former candidate Jay Inslee put out.
Through their work, the laureates laid the foundation of a wireless, fossil fuel-free society.
“Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started,” academy member Ulf Danielsson said, quoting “The Big Bang” theme at the presentation in Stockholm.
Climate-fueled storms pose an increased threat to reefs already facing a slew of environmental challenges.
The men were honored for discoveries that have offered a “new understanding of the universe’s structure and history.”
U.S.-born researchers William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza shared the prize equally with Peter Ratcliffe, who was born in Britain.
As Duke Energy preps renewal requests for its reactors, it's unclear how the leading candidates would rule on a major issue in carbon-free power.
Ambrosia founder Jesse Karmazin is in damage control mode. It's not going well.
It might surprise you that a thousand-mile moat isn't practical.
The administration is opening new fronts in its battle with the Golden State over clean car standards.
Wally Conran created the labrador-poodle hybrid in 1989 and now laments “I opened a Pandora’s box and released a Frankenstein’s monster.”
The 16-year-old, who was nominated for the actual Nobel Prize in March, shares the 2019 Right Livelihood Award with three others.
Never mess with a female walrus who's protecting her cubs.