The social media platform faces an uncertain future after Biden signed a bill that could ban it nationwide.
Elon Musk’s computer-brain interface company says it experienced some loss of connectivity with its first human recipient.
TikTok has already announced it is planning legal action against the divestiture bill recently signed by President Joe Biden.
U.S. lawmakers recently revived their effort to force TikTok's Chinese owner to sell the popular app.
While a handful of users were excited about the verification, others were frustrated, and feared they'd be charged for something they didn't ask for.
The last executive heading what was formerly called the trust and safety team, Ella Irwin, left the company in June 2023.
This small adjustment could prevent someone with malicious intent to find out where you are and what you’re doing.
The ChatGPT maker said it has "full confidence" in his leadership after he was abruptly fired and rehired in November.
Hundreds of thousands of outages were reported globally on Tuesday after some users were unable to access the company's servers, a Meta official said.