The Indian government has dismissed the series, which is critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, as "propaganda."
Musk has concluded his testimony in a federal trial over a lawsuit that alleges he misled Tesla shareholders with a tweet about an aborted buyout.
The billionaire has been trying to cut spending across the social media company.
Elon Musk returned to federal court in San Francisco to testify in a class action lawsuit filed by Tesla investors alleging he misled them with a 2018 tweet.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who also leads its parent company Alphabet, informed staff Friday at the Silicon Valley giant about the cuts in an email.
CEO Satya Nadella pointed to widespread fears of recession and a downturn in consumer demand, which have led to similar cutbacks by other tech giants.
The World Economic Forum says billionaire Elon Musk wasn’t on the guest list for the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland — despite what the Twitter owner claims.
The social media giant, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has been floated as a national security liability over its ties to Beijing.
The Warehouse Worker Protection Act aims to crack down on stringent work quotas.
Neuralink should be able to put the implant in a human brain as part of a clinical trial in about six months, said Twitter's billionaire owner.