Microsoft said its bid for the popular Chinese-owned video app has been rejected by Bytedance, a week before Trump planned to ban it in the U.S.
Facebook software engineer Ashok Chandwaney has publicly quit, accusing the company of violating its core values and of "profiting off hate."
The new feature will let Instagrammers record 15-second videos with audio and visual effects.
ByteDance agreed to divest from U.S. operations of the app after President Trump said he planned to ban it entirely, according to sources.
Citing "an escalating degree of harm associated with the conspiracy theory," the company says it's limited the QAnon-related activity of about 150,000 accounts.
Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Michael Bloomberg, Apple and Uber were also targeted in the massive cryptocurrency scheme.
A man was wrongfully arrested after facial recognition software mismatched his driver’s license photo to surveillance video of someone shoplifting, according to an ACLU complaint.
The groups in the “#StopHateforProfit" campaign say the social network isn’t doing enough to curtail racist and violent content on its platform.
Executives were upset about the newsletter's coverage, so their employees set out to ruin the lives of the couple who ran the website.