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Ouch. If that doesn't make you cringe try reading it again. It's painful. But it's powerful! We have to be willing to touch
FAILURE IS AN ENTREPRENEUR'S ONLY OPTION Most people think entrepreneurs live by a mantra that says, "Failure is not an option
As sunlight grows shorter and the air begins to crisp, it's natural to think about the coming winter ahead. The Farmer's Almanac forewarns that this winter will be exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid. Before we get there though, there are few steps you can take to make your house more comfortable this year.
As a part of its 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) asked 2,000 people that very question. Respondents said that receiving swag made them feel good, grateful, happy, appreciated, awesome, thankful, excited, surprised and even loved. These feelings resonate because this is how we connect with each other and the things we love. Who doesn't want to connect with their customers on an emotional level so that they feel loved?
For a list of creative, meaningful ways to stay in front of your top 20, check out 20 Meaningful Ways To Touch Your Top 20
Friday, Nov. 18 is Women's Entrepreneurship Day, a day meant to celebrate and uplift enterprising women. As a female business owner, I've learned that it's essential for women-owned, diverse, and small, local companies to come together and support one another. Sharing our stories inspires us to succeed.
Those are just a few of our favorite ideas, all designed to create the meaningful, wow-experience that you want your Top
We then take the list of 20 and strategically break out the touch points across the quarter. This works out to less than
Mindfulness, like any new skill, takes time to learn, but a lifetime to perfect. With any long-term endeavor, starting with
The cool air of October brings with it the hype and pageantry of baseball playoffs and our minds wander to Earnest Thayer's story of Mighty Casey at the Bat. We at G2 Ops see all too often a strong parallel between Mighty Casey and the Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) of businesses small and large - often confident, but too often not prepared or resourced to deal with today's cybersecurity threat landscape.
Fall in Chicago means shorter, colder and more festive days. As a business owner we feel the buzz of holidays around the corner and planning stresses for the next calendar year. Halloween for me marks the official launch of the holiday season and we love it at our company. So, to pay homage to the great holiday of Halloween, here are a list of some spooky tales which hopefully by reading, you can avoid the same fright we did!
For small business owners, The Deathly Hallows serve as a metaphor for powerful attributes that seem to magically breed success. The good news for all business owners is that a version of the Deathly Hallows exists for you, and though they are magical in a different way, they do provide a path to enhance and extend your business's life.
As tastes have changed, there's an emphasis in the food industry to buy local, stay seasonal, and keep it fresh. That's exactly what we aim to do. Some months are easier than others. For example, our strawberry rhubarb rustic tarts are a big hit in July as is our pear Bundt cake in September. But the ultimate seasonal ingredient has always been pumpkin.
I believe part of good leadership is showing my team the enthusiasm and passion I have for the business, while also hearing from them what their goals are for their individual careers. Working alongside them allows me to see their strengths and determine where there is room for improvement. Conversely, my sales associates are able to get an up-close view into what it really takes to run a luxury real estate and lifestyle company. It's a win-win for everyone.
Free trade deals between the US and foreign countries are designed to give US Exporters a competitive edge, to mitigate the negatives aspects of our strong currency, higher labor and manufacturing cost for our top export commodities such as Aircraft, Automotive, and food products to historical trade partners as well as new and emerging markets. So if you look at it from this perspective Free-Trade is good! Right?
Successfully running one of the largest disaster restoration and cleaning companies in Chicago requires paying attention to how simple things such as a change of season can affect business. When summer ends, temperatures drop, and the interior and exterior environment of buildings and homes start to change. Some structural damage risks increase while others decrease. Fall is a time when I have to shift my team's focus to different seasonal tasks and equip them with the right tools to take on new challenges. I also have to consider the changing needs and limitations of my customers and my team members.
If there's one thing that's emphasized at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, it's the importance of building a brand. Savvy business owners recognize that storytelling is a great way to do this. It's a means of connecting with your customers on a personal level. The more you share of yourself and your values, the stronger the connection.
Buying your very first home can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, despite what a lot of people might say, it can still be a very enjoyable and rewarding process.
I am only happy when I am being challenged. So I had to motivate myself. I just started keeping my dreams and aspirations to myself. If I had to talk about it, I told strangers. This time I didn't want to just pursue another accomplishment, succeed at it with no celebration, only to watch my excitement and joy fizzle into despair again.
I have spent my entire 24 year career helping employers shop for, buy and manage their employee benefits. In that time, the vast majority of large employers (50+ employees - for this discussion) have offered (and plan to continue to offer) their employees health insurance. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act introduced new incentives (see employer shared responsibility penalties) to make sure that continues. So far, it looks like that is happening as expected.