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Get Amazon's 23andMe DNA Kit Prime Day deal for 2019.
Ancestry and other DNA-testing companies are bringing old family secrets to light. These friends are now dealing with the truth about their fathers.
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Certain genetic markers can influence your preferences for sweet vs. salty, but you can’t blame them entirely for poor eating habits.
From life insurance issues to increased anxiety, read about some possible outcomes before you swab.
It's 23andMe's latest collaboration to develop new drugs with genetic data from customers who volunteered to participate.
Before you sign up for a home DNA test, learn more from this couple's story.
The FDA’s recent OK is a step backward for efforts to increase genetic testing access.
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You might not want to know all of your health results.
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DNA companies promote their tests as the end of discrimination. That's not what's happening.
Other top-selling Prime Day items included Echo, Dot, Nintendo Switch and Instant Pot.
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The tests will be able to assess a person's predisposition to develop Alzheimer's and 9 other diseases.
Through the 23andMe one can get to know their genetic make-up by sending a saliva sample in the test tube 23andMe provides
But genetic data banks amassed by private companies don't necessarily have to follow the same regulations regarding access
And do they really want to toss aside potential female viewers? After all, every survey I can find about genealogy concludes
No matter where you fall on the spectrum of how you feel about it, it's a tool. And for those of us looking for clues into family members it can be very helpful.