Our annual list of artists, activists, entertainers and entrepreneurs who are changing the way we think about the world around us.
From the bus to the ballot box, Black women have been at the forefront of almost every progressive social movement in the United States.
The activist is unapologetic in her quest for racial equality, saying, “I’m not sure politics is ready for a person as radical as I am.”
I was in the Capitol when disabled protesters were dragged out of their wheelchairs. Last week, rioters strolled right in.
The coronavirus pandemic has both highlighted and worsened racial, social and economic inequalities in the United States. In 2020, activists took to the streets to demand justice against police brutality, anti-immigrant policies and more.
The hosts talk with one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement about the 2020 election.
The representative's 17-year-old has been recognized in her own right for her organizing work surrounding environmental and racial justice issues.
"The history of medicine painfully illustrates its pivotal role in perpetuating racial disparities. As a doctor, I want to do my part to change that."
The world is burning outside my window and I’m stuck inside. But I can still push for change.
As the election nears, a new coalition wants to form a “united front” against hate, and against right-wing attempts to co-opt discussions around anti-Semitism.