Air Pollution

Replacing coal with fuels like natural gas and wood may offer some climate benefits, but the harm to public health remains.
Being able to breathe easy in your own home is a top priority.
The research will likely amplify calls to rapidly transition off of oil, gas and coal for reasons beyond curbing climate change.
Be kind to yourself in this nightmare and set the pressure aside.
As deadly wildfires continue to ravage the West Coast, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco have also recorded some of the world's worst air pollution.
California residents have developed at once mundane and apocalyptic ways to cope with the worsening climate crisis.
"Our homeless residents are breathing ash right now," one advocate said of the unhealthy air affecting unhoused people already at heightened risk for COVID-19.
The comedian faced similar backlash in 2017 for posing with a fake severed head that bore a resemblance to the president.
Keep in mind this info on ventilation, air conditioning, heaters and indoor and outdoor transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic.
From vaccine advancement to cleaner air, these positives are worth focusing on amid this coronavirus pandemic.