Air Pollution

Plastic may be a significant source of air pollution, concluded a new study that shows how microplastics may be carried through winds and precipitation.
This is what AC is really doing to our bodies and brains, according to experts.
Here are the plants to look for if you're interesting in purifying your bedroom, office and more.
We spoke to dermatologists about how to combat the effects of air pollution on our skin.
“I know the cloud of dark smoke seems ominous," Houston's mayor said of the plume, which could be seen up to 30 miles away.
Five other states, plus New York City, joined the Empire State's suit.
Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is setting future doctors like me up for failure.
Thousands of desperately needed air masks are being distributed by California’s community-based organizations.
As smoke still hangs heavy in Northern California from the deadly Camp fire, some of the most vulnerable groups can’t easily find respite.
Even people nearly 200 miles from the flames are suffering the consequences of the massive Camp fire.
The Trump administration's plans to weaken vehicle and power plant emissions rules could soon become reality.
Bill Wehrum pushed industry-friendly policies as he and his staff stayed in contact with his old corporate law firm.
Denmark, Norway, France and the U.K. have a date to ban gas and diesel cars. In the U.S., the plan is to gut car emission legislation.
The air quality in Seattle and other parts of Washington, classified as "unhealthy," is finally beginning to improve.
And the number one greenest state is ...
The executive order puts poor communities and people of color particularly at risk.
People inhale soot and noxious fumes from the car-laden highways encircling their historically black community.