Albert Einstein

Fans believed the "Star Wars" actor was playing Albert Einstein in a COVID-19 thriller and one applauded him for a "sexy" scene.
The 2.96-millimeter gold coin weighs 1/500th of an ounce and has a nominal value of 26 cents U.S.
The letter penned by the famous unifier of space and time set a world auction record.
The famous physicist made it pretty clear in his “God Letter” that he wasn’t a fan of organized religion.
A team of scientists monitored the Milky Way galaxy's center to test Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
A new English translation of his travel diaries show a different side of the scientific genius.
The spiritual teacher reveals how to deal with difficult times.
Albert Einstein's scribbled note on happiness is wisdom worth remembering.
“We’ve heard this thunder before," one scientist said, "but this is the first time we’ve also been able to see the lightning.”