Albert Einstein

As a teen, Manfred Steiner wanted to become a physicist, but his mother and uncle advised him that studying medicine would be a better choice in turbulent times.
“It was just a big quick (gulp), gone,” said Patrick Brady, an astrophysicist at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
Fans believed the "Star Wars" actor was playing Albert Einstein in a COVID-19 thriller and one applauded him for a "sexy" scene.
The 2.96-millimeter gold coin weighs 1/500th of an ounce and has a nominal value of 26 cents U.S.
The letter penned by the famous unifier of space and time set a world auction record.
The famous physicist made it pretty clear in his “God Letter” that he wasn’t a fan of organized religion.
A team of scientists monitored the Milky Way galaxy's center to test Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
A new English translation of his travel diaries show a different side of the scientific genius.
The spiritual teacher reveals how to deal with difficult times.
Albert Einstein's scribbled note on happiness is wisdom worth remembering.