Android creator Andy Rubin, accused of sexual harassment, was given a severance package worth $240 million, according to the lawsuit.
Current Google CEO Sundar Pichai will take over at the parent company, Alphabet.
“There’s no question of ability," says Gates. "It’s the question of willingness.”
Uber had been accused of stealing trade secrets from Waymo.
Historian Carter G. Woodson created what eventually became Black History Month.
Regulators start to pump the brakes on Big Tech's advertising dystopia.
The writer of a controversial Google memo is accusing the company of silencing conservative viewpoints.
With Safari and virtually all other popular browsers not patched, hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users may not have secure means of web browsing until Apple issues its patch.
We'd like to apologize in advance to HuffPost readers who don't get their internet from Verizon.
Schmidt will continue to serve Alphabet as an adviser focused on technical and science issues.
Ask a real estate agent about the best time to buy a home, the answer will inevitably be "Now!" Why? Because prices are about
Consider this a gift guide for everyone on your list (including yourself!).
“You’re making the impression that this is a total cover-up," the judge told Uber's lawyers. "Your client is in a bad way now.”
Helpful tips to aid in maintaining your identity and dominating your industry.