Amazon Alexa

It's a good idea to set parental control to curate audio books and apps, set daily time limits.
We found a very similar model (that's smaller) for arguably an even better deal.
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Alexa! Don't share my personal information with everybody!
It’s Friday morning, you are dying to get out of town and your boss just said that you can take the day off for a long weekend
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Real parents shared the digital assistant hacks that make their lives easier.
"My toddler has accidentally used Siri more than I have intentionally used Siri."
When kids ask Alexa questions, the Amazon device will only have answers for the age-appropriate inquiries.
One family’s Amazon Echo recorded an entire conversation and sent it to a random contact without their permission.
“Unplug your Alexa devices right now. You’re being hacked.”
Last week at a conference in France, Amazon announced a new Alexa feature that makes it possible to use the smart assistant
What happens when you ask Alexa who's going to win the Super Bowl?
When Seattle based Amazon announced it was taking applicants for a second location headquarters, cities around the country are pulling out all the stops to win the tech giant’s bid.
How many of us have witnessed a teacher, coach, or grandparent try to make conversation with kids who can’t unglue their eyes from a screen?
“Alexa cannot call 911. That feature is not supported and does not work."