American Heroes

Recreational drug users, and people wrestling with addiction everywhere, are routinely demonized by the moral majority who
The principle of equal justice under the law must be constantly defended; issues like racial profiling, indefinite detention, and due process demand our attention today. That too is Min Yasui's legacy.
Today, you can begin to create the moral hero within who will act fast and instinctively tomorrow. Or you can deepen and reinforce the good tendencies you already have. It's up to you.
With all of the noise being generated this summer by a certain presidential candidate from New York, recognition of a worthy story has been lost in the din. That story is the heroism of two U.S. Marines killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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We can all be heroes flying in stealth mode, capturing the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans, leaving no room for Osama's ghost and the racism and xenophobia that continues to haunt us.
American history is full of badasses. This country was built on the bones and fists of men and women who ate up pain and
The pieces of American Hero are somewhat too jagged to fit together, but as an offering in the modestly-priced Second Stage Uptown series it provides a pleasant comic diversion on the Upper West Side.
Hey, we're launching the Veterans Charity Challenge 2 to raise money for good causes.
Thom Shea was a Navy SEAL (Sea, Air & Land) for 23 years. Special Operator, Chief SEAL Shea did three tours (approximately six months each) with SEAL Team Two in Kosovo, Macedonia and the Gulf, as well as two tours with SEAL Team Seven in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In this search-engine dominated era of the internet, and more often than we might like to admit, people have come to expect
'...And finally tonight we bring you Making a Difference.' This is a news network policy of closing an evening news program largely featuring wars, violence, and the worst of human behavior. Safe landings are not news; crashes are news. But we must not be left without hope. For many of us, however, what makes life worthwhile is to focus on safe landings and those who make a difference every day, every year. Today my heart is full of gratitude for the lives of a surprising number of heroes I have been privileged to know, and I hope that examples of quiet heroism will inspire the nation toward that sense of social justice that treats all children, including the one in four in poverty, as our nation's greatest treasure, our heritage, and the hope of the future.
Mandela's death sparked an almost forgotten allure toward hero worship. That was once reserved for outstanding Americans, who epitomized Americans' understanding of history and heroism. In this context, our president led the way.
Memorial Day in the United States is meant to be a day of reflection and somberness. It is meant to be a day where we think about what we have and what was given to have it.
“Someone is always asking me if I’m OK or if I need help,” he told the news outlet, describing what it was like returning
Marty Kent, 17, paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect his mother. "They shot, he jumped in front of me, like to push me
“Baby vet”, as he was later called, was determined to get deployed. To succesfully enlist, he started shaving at age 11, had
“Hero…I guess you can use the word ‘hero,’” Hebert told “But, again, it’s not just myself it’s the department