Animal Sex

Though the post-sex cannibalism could still be a turn-off.
Only dancers could make these look so strangely beautiful.
Newly discovered footprints and scrape marks might be linked to the mating ritual, researchers say.
Golf may be a bore, but fly sex? We really can't look away, George. A 2009 study also noted that female fruit flies fight
“It’s like they make more effort to bring the female nearby. Once she’s within reach, the game is already won and they focus
On February 14, Hazel and Franklin will meet for a blind date. There is a good chance things will get heavy; it will likely be the first -- and possibly the last -- chance either has for sex in their adult lives. There is also a small chance Franklin will get eaten.
"Oh my goodness!" the now-corrupted child exclaims. That's "yes" in turtle speak, we think. In a video uploaded to YouTube
Isabella Rossellini joins HuffPost Live to weigh in on the criticism regarding her photography book.
Isabella Rossellini joins HuffPost Live to talk about how researching animal sex informed her about homosexuality.
Isabella Rossellini joins HuffPost Live to discuss being compared to her mother, Ingrid Bergman.
The study, published in the recent issue of Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, also showed that men who were interested
But the new review suggests animals don't always act this way: In one study, male zebra finches who had immune problems acted