The sudden rise in tourists to Qatar is putting pressure on camels, who have almost no time to rest between each ride.
A highly contagious strain of avian influenza has killed more birds in the country than any past flare-up.
"Fishtopher is not a fish out of water, but he is out of sorts at the shelter. He is very sad and depressed and will only eat when he has company."
“They don’t let you out of your house,” one resident of Woburn, Massachusetts, told The Guardian.
"boyfriend is out hunting (picking up food order) while I am domesticating wild beasts (giving cat little kisses)"
Guinness World Records named Flossie as the world's oldest cat roughly a month before her 27th birthday.
The feline called Smells is believed to have crawled into the suitcase of a visiting friend, said its owner.
Dubbed "The Carrot" due to its bright-orange hue, the hybrid leather and koi carp weighed 67 pounds and 4 ounces — making it the second-biggest of its kind.
Scientists found out cuttlefish have great depth perception after they put 3-D glasses on the cephalopods.