Staff members nicknamed the turtles Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen after the twin child stars.
The legendary composer said that when he saw the film he just thought, "Oh, God, no."
Laiha Slayton was flown to an Idaho hospital after her attempt to save her dog, Rusty, from a thermal spring at Yellowstone National Park.
The Illinois woman, seen photographing the bear family in a viral video, was also banned from Yellowstone National Park for a year.
"everyone thinks that their cat is the cutest cat in the world and youre actually all correct"
The "Late Show" host went silent for nearly 20 seconds after learning the answer.
The palm-sized Joro spiders may look freaky, but they're not dangerous and even provide some big benefits.
"When we go for a walk in the park, or through neighborhood streets, I’ve sometimes thought, 'What if I leave him here, right now?'"
"Every time we call the vet they call our cat ‘the baby’ and they are right."
The singer said the porcine thieves accosted her in a Barcelona park and made off with her bag.