A Minnesota woman says she accidentally got the critter sloshed.
"Trying to find my cat every morning is one of my least favorite hobbies."
"I think the best part of getting a third cat is the amount of men that’ll be scared away."
Passengers in two vehicles captured the dramatic scene in South Africa.
Marty, a black Maine coon cat who patrolled the Mount Washington Observatory died from “an unforeseen illness.”
A Joe Biden presidency means his two German shepherds, Major and Champ, will be First Pets.
"Now my cat's meowing for dinner because she still hasn't adjusted to standard time."
The distinguished little fella received 13,143 votes, setting a new record in the community of Rabbit Hash, which has elected a dog as mayor since 1998.
Hundreds of human coronavirus cases in Denmark have been linked to farmed minks, including 12 people who contracted a mutated form of the virus.