"Cat 1, coyote 0," police in British Columbia wrote alongside the video.
The lifestyle mogul called out the New York Post for undercounting her peacocks with an instant classic of a tweet.
Luckily, Duke the Labrador was unhurt following the brief flight.
"if u have a cat tell them i said pspspsps"
OK, so perhaps there's something to that whole nine lives thing after all.
Some shelters say people are returning their 'COVID pets' as they go back to work. Here are more compassionate things to do before considering that option.
Salil Zaveri fired several times at the animal on the golf course, cops said.
It resides thousands of feet below the ocean's surface and is rarely seen.
Environmental groups, and even the state's own Fish and Game Department, opposed the measure that would permit the deaths of more than 1,000 wolves.
Chevy, an American bulldog, is sitting pretty after being saved from a scary situation on a hike.