"Prepare fer Rammin' speed, matey!" the National Park Service wrote of the encounter.
The dog walked off-camera and pulled down the BBC's Carol Kirkwood -- and it all happened on live TV.
“Looking north, covered, south, covered, west, covered, the sidewalks were literally covered with birds.”
Brett Maneri helped save Mia, who was found hiding in the rubble of the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando shelter.
The big cats are also showing symptoms such as coughing and lack of appetite.
"i love when my cat purrs for no reason. she’s just happy to be here."
"We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives," said a tweet from Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.
Some oiled birds have already been rescued from the Alliance Refinery spill, but the operation could take weeks, Louisiana wildlife officials say.
A cage-diving expedition off Mexico's Guadalupe Island discovered the chomper-challenged predator.
"i woof and bark at my dog when he’s woofing and barking at me and i just hope i’m not calling him any dog slurs by accident"