The "Morning Show" actor's French bulldog died of cancer.
Animal lovers have mobilized to bring food and water to the felines of Furtada Island after COVID-19 made previous support dry up.
Two big bags of eels bizarrely released in Brooklyn's Prospect Park Lake could potentially cause big problems for native species.
"Me: *is allergic to cats* Also me: *rubs face with cat* *boops cat nose* *sleeps right next to cat*"
The cloned horse is known as a Mongolian Wild Horse, a species believed extinct in the wild.
Cat lovers have long suspected they could communicate with felines via the slow-blink. New research suggests they're right.
Thousands of farmed minks in Wisconsin and Utah have died from the novel coronavirus, which experts say they got from humans.
"Friend: Your house smells like wet dog. Me: Thanks. It’s because I hug him when I cry."
Trump's "lack of dog is simply a microcosm of his selfish, insensitive and cynical world view," said a founder of the Biden-backing group Dog Lovers for Joe.
We can agree that dogs and cats are the cutest distractions.