Fishermen found the unborn albino shark in a recent catch and turned it over to Indonesian authorities.
The "Morning Show" actor's French bulldog died of cancer.
Animal lovers have mobilized to bring food and water to the felines of Furtada Island after COVID-19 made previous support dry up.
Two big bags of eels bizarrely released in Brooklyn's Prospect Park Lake could potentially cause big problems for native species.
"Me: *is allergic to cats* Also me: *rubs face with cat* *boops cat nose* *sleeps right next to cat*"
The cloned horse is known as a Mongolian Wild Horse, a species believed extinct in the wild.
Cat lovers have long suspected they could communicate with felines via the slow-blink. New research suggests they're right.
Thousands of farmed minks in Wisconsin and Utah have died from the novel coronavirus, which experts say they got from humans.
"Friend: Your house smells like wet dog. Me: Thanks. It’s because I hug him when I cry."
Trump's "lack of dog is simply a microcosm of his selfish, insensitive and cynical world view," said a founder of the Biden-backing group Dog Lovers for Joe.