Artificial Intelligence

The robot, developed by Japanese researchers, can answer questions and engage in conversation. It previously served as a newscaster.
Former intelligence collector and engineer, Elana Duffy, is crowd-sourcing reintegration.
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The debate has heated up ever since a piece of AI art sold for $432,500 last October.
The former Google engineer described it as “a historic victory.”
AI is increasingly common, and the algorithms it uses to "predict" crime and misbehavior are reproducing racial discrimination.
“What should I wear today?” It is an age-old question, but often times you can riffle through your closet, trying on a number
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Imagine that you only have a few extra minutes to run to the grocery store before your in-laws come over, but you forgot
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Both impressively realistic and yet unsettlingly soulless.
It’s Friday morning, you are dying to get out of town and your boss just said that you can take the day off for a long weekend
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