Artificial Intelligence

The AI-generated call encouraged New Hampshire voters to skip out on the primary election in January with a voice that emulated President Biden's.
The pop star's case is a reminder that bad actors can easily create fake pornographic content without consent, while victims have few legal options.
The unanimous ruling targets robocalls made with AI voice-cloning tools under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
An AI-generated representation of the company's chief financial officer was convincing enough to do real damage, Hong Kong police said.
New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella called the robocall "a real-life example of an attempt to use AI to interfere with an election."
Patrick Ruffini was ridiculed on X for a post that included a photo showing a Black man with three arms being canvassed for votes.
Artificial intelligence has advanced quickly in recent years, raising fears of efficient, widespread misinformation campaigns.
Two documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival raise questions about digital depictions of Black women — underscoring that representation is not enough.
Harvey Murphy Jr. claims he was beaten and sexually assaulted in jail after he was arrested for a Sunglass Hut robbery he did not commit.
The hourlong program, "George Carlin: I'm Glad I'm Dead," was generated by artificial intelligence, allegedly without the consent of the comedian's family.