The Osiris-Rex spacecraft collected the samples three years ago and then dropped them off sealed in a capsule during a flyby of Earth last month.
The space rock will zip harmlessly between Earth and the moon’s orbit, providing scientists with “a great opportunity for observations."
According to astronomers, it's not as apocalyptic as it sounds.
NASA says a spacecraft that plowed into a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away last month succeeded in shifting its orbit.
A NASA spacecraft is about to clobber a small, harmless asteroid millions of miles away. It's an experiment that may, one day, save the world.
An asteroid that experts say is about as big as two Empire State Buildings is expected to come within 1,231,184 miles of Earth on Jan. 18.
The space agency has ruled out any chance of a particularly menacing asteroid called "Apophis" smacking Earth in 2068.
A new study says the mystery object is likely a remnant of a Pluto-like world.
The largest and fastest asteroid of the year will zoom past in a week.
Scientists hope the samples will provide insight into the origins of the solar system and life on Earth.