The Bailouts

Everyone in Congress knew the 2008 bailout was politically toxic, but it was supposed to pass. When it didn't, there was no Plan B.
The country's been imposing strict austerity measures on Greece. Now, its largest bank needs help.
Last week marked the 8th anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the huge Wall Street investment bank. This bankruptcy sent financial markets into a panic with the remaining investment banks, like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, set to soon topple.
Acknowledgements: We are very grateful to Joe Foudy, Dino Kos, Nick Lardy, Jeff Shafer, and Chris Wiegand for helpful conversations
renzi bank Only 17 percent of Italy's money supply (M3) is accounted for by State money produced by the European Central Bank (ECB). The remaining 87 percent is Bank money produced by commercial banks through deposit creation.
Given the rush, it is hardly a surprise that there was a fundamental misdiagnosis of the origins of the crisis. The simple
A new book examines the foreclosure fraud crisis.
While EU leaders celebrate a new deal, Greece's citizens ready for yet another round of cuts.
What, pray tell, is House Speaker Paul Ryan thinking? He is working like a beaver to bail out Puerto Rico's banana republic fiscal situation and manipulating the bailout on behalf of a handful of corrupt, Romney-donor hedge funds.
As it turns out, the business-cum-government monopoly looks little different than bad forms of communism because it is them (not the people) who plan out (and fix) the economy from the centrality of their own interests. And there is a name for this--it's called, Neoliberalism.
It is time to break out one of our two family rules again: It is impossible to compete with unintentional self-parody. How fraudulent is finance even now?
Michigan didn't have to poison Flint's children. That was a values choice. And Republican Gov. Rick Snyder values big business more than little children.
Donald Trump is wrong about most everything - not to mention being hate-filled and demagogic. But the few things he does get right may account for his popularity among Republican voters.
A new film takes a close look at the first few months under the country's new leader.
Protecting the American people from another devastating financial crash and the economic wreckage it causes begins with reflecting honestly about the past and trying to learn the right lessons.