The Bailouts

The bailout would provide billions to prop up an industry that lawmakers are finally seeing as essential.
The Paycheck Protection Program, already beset by corporations gobbling up coronavirus stimulus money intended for small businesses, faces more trouble.
The delivery of millions of stimulus checks will be delayed to print President Donald Trump’s name on the checks.
The nation’s biggest airlines, including Delta and American, have come to a tentative agreement with the Treasury Department after days of tense negotiation.
Nine senators wrote letters this week to airline CEOs calling refunds a "moral" obligation after Congress approved a $50 billion bailout for the industry.
Top cruise operations that frequent American ports are incorporated overseas to dodge U.S. laws and taxes.
A shocking number of Americans have filed for unemployment in just one week as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, setting a new record.
You could get a direct payment of $1,200, depending on your income.
Democrats pushed to ban Trump family businesses from cashing in on the Senate's $2 trillion rescue package.
Some people want to kill the bill, while others just want tougher conditions on aid.
The 2008 auto bailout led to stricter tailpipe emissions rules. In the “flight shame" era, shouldn’t the aviation industry buck up on fuel efficiency and electric planes?
As the Trump administration considers aid for companies hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, it'll be difficult to defend including oil drillers and gas frackers.
A new Democratic Senate report says President Trump’s bailout for farmers suffering due to the Chinese trade war disproportionately benefits southern states and big agribusinesses, even though smaller farms in the Midwest and Northern Plains are hurting the most.
Everyone in Congress knew the 2008 bailout was politically toxic, but it was supposed to pass. When it didn't, there was no Plan B.
The country's been imposing strict austerity measures on Greece. Now, its largest bank needs help.
Last week marked the 8th anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the huge Wall Street investment bank. This bankruptcy sent financial markets into a panic with the remaining investment banks, like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, set to soon topple.
Third, since late 2014, with the economy slowing and monetary policy easing, and despite a continued trade surplus, capital
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