The rare Asiatic black bear was saved from a zoo where nearly all the other animals had died.
A black bear was "happily sleeping and apparently not too concerned about his 'cave mate,'" according to a Tennessee fire department.
“You have that notification, you know that something bad is happening,” a family member of one of the victims said of the couple’s SOS.
The couple "knew bear protocol and followed it to a tee," a family member told CBC News.
The state's most-watched popularity contest involves residents choosing one of these animals who's been stocking up for winter.
Nearly half the park was closed in the morning hours after the bear was sighted in a tree near Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland.
The Colorado black bear could not digest food due to items like plastic bags and wipes creating a "plug" in his body.
The park said bears are showing up in an unexpected new place.
The large female, now called Henrietta, will live out her days at the Wild Animal Refuge in Colorado.