But not before the animal had totally destroyed the vehicle's interior.
The death of a bear protected under the Endangered Species Act has sparked scrutiny from state and federal wildlife officials.
The Andean bear will be traveling from the St. Louis Zoo to a Texas zoo equipped with a moat.
Ben the bear "just looked like he was having fun" roaming the Saint Louis Zoo, one visitor said.
The brown bears could lose protections in the northern Rocky Mountains.
One bear was so ready for its close-ups as part of Boulder's project to monitor wildlife habitats.
Wildlife officials believe the black bear cub likely ate a bird that had died from the dangerous strain of avian influenza.
Residents mourned the death of the popular cubs, who were seen often with their mother.
Sarah Dietl watched her Shih Tzu chase a bear cub up a tree only for its mother to emerge and maul her hand, head and torso. Dietl's scalp needed 15 staples.
747, named after the jumbo jet, weighs an estimated 1,400 pounds — but fraud nearly cost him the annual competition.