“Minor leagues to the big leagues now,” beekeeper Matt Hilton said.
A massive beehive was hiding inside the family’s 100-year-old house.
Two people were taken to a hospital after a swarm of bees attacked in a Los Angeles neighborhood.
The man's mother said he felt like a porcupine following the frightening attack.
The homeowners found the bees after they flew outside their kitchen window.
“The court’s decision allows California to protect some of its most endangered pollinators."
“The worst part about it for me is how they suffered, and there was not a single thing I could do about it."
With bees and other pollinators confined to tiny fragments of habitat and unable to move across the countryside, this charity have mapped out lines across the UK that you could very well live on and be able to help out with.The lines are there to help clear a path for these animals so they can continue pollination.
Dozens of penguins were found dead on a beach in South Africa, many with stings around their eyes.