Ben and Jerry's

Amid Black Lives Matter protests, brands scrambled to get on the social justice bandwagon. The ice cream company has been helping drive it for 30 years.
The ice cream brand is hoping to put an "end to structural racism" in the criminal legal system with its newest flavor, "Justice Remix'd."
The limited-edition pint consists of a toffee core surrounded by hot cinnamon ice cream, signifying the act of holding politicians’ feet to the fire.
The 4/20-friendly ice cream brand says marijuana legalization without criminal justice reform is "half baked."
This deeply comforting ice cream flavor was made exclusively for HuffPost for Valentine's Day.
Be right back, going to stock up on some pints of Pecan Sticky Buns.
It wasn’t all unrelenting doom and gloom in 2017.
Not all pints are created equal. Get ready to spar.
The popularity of their ice cream flavors is strangely as "neck and neck" as their late night shows.