Ben Hallman on Housing

Choosing wisely takes time. So start thinking early about what hospice you'd want when the time comes. How early? Well, if you were interested enough in this topic to read this blog, then now would be a good time.
At his State of the Union address last week, and again on Tuesday, President Barack Obama said Congress must eliminate certain
Since the housing market collapsed more than five years ago, would-be homebuyers with low or moderate incomes, or with less-than-stellar credit scores have had really just one financing option: a mortgage backed by the FHA.
I reached out to a Bank of America spokesman to ask about Smith's calculation but did not immediately hear back. Federal
Geithner, though, was never really on board, falling back again and again on the "moral hazard" argument -- that bailing
Questions about who controls the NRA's agenda have increased over the past month in the wake of the Newtown shootings as the organization has staked out a hardline stance considered out-of-step with many the views of many gun owners.
When I turned 21, I went to the courthouse in my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, paid $10, and a week later received by
The rule also defines something called a "qualified mortgage." Essentially, if a lender follows a set of consumer-friendly
It's been many years since we could say this, but the housing market is helping to drive the economy again. Mortgage applications
Regulators said the review process, which sought to determine if specific loans were unfairly foreclosed upon, was too costly