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Dr. Martin Rees, entrepreneur and astrophysics professor at Cambridge, addressed these "what ifs" in the video above -- and
HuffPost Tech Executive Editor Bianca Bosker explores the idea that technology may lead to the extinction of humanity.
BB: So the real question is, would you want a robot as your best friend? Tell us what you think. We often think of robots
HuffPost Tech Executive Editor Bianca Bosker explores the evolving relationship between robots and humans, and what the future holds.
If a squat, cardboard-framed robot with a high-pitched voice started asking you questions, would you answer it? Would you
In the office, in the kitchen, even in the bedroom: robots with humanlike qualities are moving in on multiple facets of our lives. But what does it mean when we communicate with machines? Is there enough emotional connection to replace human bonds?
A new study reveals just how effectively the social network can nudge its members to behave in ways Facebook might consider most fitting. Bianca Bosker joins Abby to break down the study.
Enabling users to choose which specific group of peers -- such as “friends” or “friends of friends” -- can view their posts
Apple has previously brushed off questions about its share of the smartphone market, while citing data showing that even
What does that mean for our relationships with each other? Praise. One of the biggest mistakes that’s been made in the industry
“Then I realized that that mentality was exactly what Sheryl talks about. That was me leaving before I left,” Gulati wrote
When people say tech is distracting us, it’s because we’re using it now as a tool, not as a part of our body. Protruding
These questions aren't as hypothetical as they might seem. As more and more of our earthly self comes to be defined by our
Victor McElheny was The New York Times' go-to tech reporter in the 1970s, a decade marked by a series of tech-world firsts
"Liking" a Facebook post just doesn't cut it any more: If you really like a friend's post, you should be willing to shell out some cash to ensure it gets seen.
Google Now's most recent update will allow users to check in with the assistant directly from their lockscreen or homescreen
For our “Life As” series, we spoke with Parker about authoring with an algorithm, why dissertations could be automated and
Sites like RebelMouse and aggregated incoming "vines" capturing the fallout from Nemo, and the results ranged
A job listing recently posted to Apple's career site suggests the tech giant has plans to bring Siri to its Mac computers
2013-02-05-ScreenShot20130205at3.31.17PM.pngArtificial intelligence has been making a steady creep toward artificial creativity, with algorithms now capable of composing symphonies, writing poems and authoring articles.