Bill Gates

The billionaire philanthropists have been married for 27 years.
Gates, who has warned that climate change will prompt more extreme weather, stressed that natural gas failures caused much of the state's power crisis.
The billionaire said fighting climate change would take dramatic innovation over the next 30 years on a scale unlike any in human history.
Bill and Melinda Gates warned that the coronavirus pandemic could lead to “immunity inequality” if only the wealthiest people have access to the vaccine.
The philanthropists, who have donated $1.75 billion to coronavirus research, argued that global health needs to be a top priority.
"We ask you to wear pants, and no American says — or very few Americans say — that that's, like, some terrible thing," a puzzled Gates said.
"The word 'cure' is inappropriate because it won't work for everyone," the billionaire philanthropist said, referring to President Trump's claim.
Donald Trump places 15th in the survey, trailing Bill Gates, Elon Musk, the Dalai Lama and Vladimir Putin.
The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist said the health authority, along with the CDC, is a victim of politics.
The Microsoft co-founder continues to criticize the U.S. coronavirus response, speaking on faulty lockdowns and testing "insanity."