Clothing and beauty companies can have a terrible impact on wildlife, but these brands are working to tackle that.
Instead of paying $150,000 for stolen archives, the rock group released them to raise money for Extinction Rebellion.
Saving plants and animals from extinction isn't just our duty, it's our salvation.
The Defenders of Wildlife CEO called the decision to scrap the Obama-era policy “an insult to our national wildlife refuges and the wildlife that rely on them.”
The extinction crisis has “grave and far-reaching implications for human well-being,” writes law professor John Knox.
It is crucial to show local governments and people that primates are worth more alive than dead. For instance, tourists pay
Pangolins are the most trafficked animal on the planet. Kham/Reuters There are currently 78 dams planned for the Mekong Delta
Go mainstream Though Trump's impact on biodiversity policy in the United States and abroad isn't yet clear, analysts and
In 2010, governments adopted a target of protecting 10% of the global ocean by 2020 - both in territorial waters and the
Reversing the drastic decline in biodiversity is the most important goal for sustainable development. Biodiversity is the collection of species and the environment in which they inhabit. Biodiversity is the life in an ecosystem.