Expectant bald eagle parents Jackie and Shadow have braved wind, rain and snow to protect their three precious eggs.
The Eurasian eagle owl spent just over a year flying free before dying in an apparent collision with a Manhattan building.
Walnut's human caretaker said he'll "always be grateful" for their unique bond.
The flightless bird was plucked from the runway and taken to a nearby zoo to feast on fish.
“It was just like a carpet of dead birds at the windows there."
The "Vampire" singer said her biggest fear is a beast that lacks even "one body part that looks like ours."
The fate of the young emperor penguins is “a grim story,” a researcher studying the birds said.
A flying passerby sparked a momentary pause in play after it pooped on Viktor Hovland at the Open Championship.
Many hoped that Tuffy, a red-tailed hawk bird-napped by an eagle mother, would remain a member of the family.