A garden enthusiast shares his favorite birdbaths, feeders, plants and tips for attracting hummingbirds to his outdoor oasis.
Brands like Vortex, Nikon and Swarovski make the cut when it comes to enjoying this nature-loving hobby.
The large ostrich-like bird was eventually captured and returned to its owner.
One member of the celebrated pair is now with a younger bird.
The disease has been detected in 40 states, as of June 3.
Christian Cooper will host National Geographic's "Extraordinary Birder," where he'll explore the "wild, wonderful and unpredictable world of birds."
“They just jumped up and took flight off into the distance."
A highly contagious avian flu strain, H5N1, has killed many wild birds and led to the culling of millions of chickens and turkeys on farms.
Some sources claim the white substance was actually distillers grain.
Most of the birds, including the peacocks who normally roam freely, will be sequestered inside due to worries over a deadly strain of avian flu.