The large bird had been evading would-be captors in two North Carolina counties since June.
The charismatic bird acts as a non-lethal agent to keep pigeons from roosting at the All England Club.
Veterinary workers at a U.K. wildlife hospital said the bird was healthy but had a very "pungent" smell.
Karen Mason, a volunteer for the National Audubon Society, was livid after she captured the images on a Florida beach.
Flightless rails disappeared on the Aldabra atoll around 136,000 years ago, but they didn't stay gone.
"We are still waiting for confirmation that the chicken has indeed crossed the road. Back to you," one Twitter user joked.
Two males and a female take turns hunting and caring for their three eaglets — and it's all on webcam.
The wetsuit-clad man aided the conservation officials and firefighters who had been working to rescue the bird.
Zoos are trying to protect their animals as a polar vortex hits the U.S.
Zoos are frantically trying to protect their animals as freezing weather sweeps across the Midwest.
Let's hope this hawk got to spend the holidays with his or her family.
Both birds are recovering after being treated with IV fluids.
A local bird watcher's suspicions about the striking warbler turned out to be correct.
Police in Gilbert, Minnesota, would like you to stop calling the cops on them.
The Interior secretary slashed protections for migratory birds less than three months ago.
“It’s a shame to see trees being literally made uninhabitable to birds.”