Budget Cuts

The state's Republican governor has slashed 41% of the system's state appropriations -- a cut that could lead to massive layoffs and campus closures.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' proposed budget cuts were already unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled House.
The proposed cuts have almost no chance of passing Congress.
Senator Schatz Questions Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on her proposed $9 billion budget cut.
Budget director Mick Mulvaney said President Trump's plan follows "through on his campaign promises," while Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal called it "shockingly extreme."
President Trump's proposed budget threatens to strip a portion of federal funding from Meals on Wheels, a program that feeds more than two million Americans a year. But for some, the program is a lifeline. If the President's budget passes, here are just some of the people who could suffer.
Gutting agencies that promote and fund the arts, particularly in underserved communities, is an act of oppression.
Prioritizing defense spending over social uplift marks a step toward "spiritual death" in America.
They're reminding the president why we need the arts now more than ever.
Reflecting on the nature and valences of our existence - who and why we are - is among the essential elements that not only make us human, but also make us citizens.
I've come too close to the worst possible scenario too often to not have it replay in my mind whenever I sit at my kitchen
A surreptitious but deadly attack against your Social Security is underway. Congress just left town, but not without plunging the knife in one more time.
I just wish it would cut school sports altogether and get back to what school should be about -- academics, instead of bringing
"If protesting solved problems, Illinois wouldn't have any problems."
More and more states are now contending with budgetary shortfalls. Why is it that state governments find it so hard to live within their means?
Kim A. Harris/Photo Kira, 6th Grade Toby, 5th Grade I remember that when I was in 3rd grade, people started talking. I heard
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