Burger King

"It’s just really crazy that somebody could do that. I’m thankful he didn’t pull the trigger," the employee told a local news station.
One Twitter user quipped that the controversial sandwich is covered in "Pepto Bismol."
The lactose-laden sandwich features zero meat, veggies or condiments.
The restaurant had opened at a Wilmington, Delaware, mall in 1987.
The "Billions" star did a commercial for the fast-food giant and a crown-embossed credit card arrived in the mail.
The fast food giant is exploring using recycled plastic toys to make new restaurant trays.
The fast-food chain alluded to its competitor's history of anti-LGBTQ contributions when it launched its new Ch'King chicken sandwich last week.
The fast food chain was accused of using misogyny as clickbait to announce its International Women's Day initiative.
Conservative activist group One Million Moms is demanding that Burger King remove or edit its advertisement because it contains the word “damn.”