Last semester, I taught an intensive course at Columbia on Organizational Strategy and Learning which reviewed and analyzed
In the last half century, India's economy has been on a rollercoaster ride, with the turning point of economic liberalization taking off in 1991, and now 25 years later, India again stands at the top of the ride, slowly but surely continuing to climb up the next massive hill.
The rapid onset of the digital economy has dramatically changed the traditional role of the finance function, and by proxy, the roles and responsibilities of the CFO. Gone are the days of living and dying by the spreadsheet, and waiting for monthly or even yearly figures to make financial projections.
Women Get Stuff Done Women are paving the way for a new style of leadership that is confident, authentic, and highly effective
2016 has been a year of significant change; a year in which a sky full of hobbyist drones has become the norm; a year that has witnessed a new breed of terrorism that has shaken the world's strongest governments; a year in which corporate governance scandals splash time and time again across the front-page news.
In 1889, Bissell's husband and business partner passed away and left her with a large business and five small children to
Spend your summer like Hillary and Michelle are: running a winning campaign strategy for yourself. Running like there's no tomorrow. Running with impunity. Running to be the boss. And running for the women of 2084. They deserve better than you got, and your running will help them get it.
You first want to make sure all of your customer data is located in your CRM. In order to use that data, you will need to
The Drama Triangle is an inverted triangle with the three corners illustrating the dynamics of drama. Once we can understand
Dale Carnegie does a lot of research in regard to leadership. What are the traits that make up a great leader? In my work