PepsiCo is a multi-billion dollar leader in consumer packaged goods sales, in part, due to its history of investing in employee
In the last half century, India's economy has been on a rollercoaster ride, with the turning point of economic liberalization taking off in 1991, and now 25 years later, India again stands at the top of the ride, slowly but surely continuing to climb up the next massive hill.
The rapid onset of the digital economy has dramatically changed the traditional role of the finance function, and by proxy, the roles and responsibilities of the CFO. Gone are the days of living and dying by the spreadsheet, and waiting for monthly or even yearly figures to make financial projections.
Hillary Clinton changed history as the first woman nominated for president by a major U.S. political party. She has also
2016 has been a year of significant change; a year in which a sky full of hobbyist drones has become the norm; a year that has witnessed a new breed of terrorism that has shaken the world's strongest governments; a year in which corporate governance scandals splash time and time again across the front-page news.
My mission is to identify solutions to bridge this gap, and my research over the past 10 years has been focused on what we
Spend your summer like Hillary and Michelle are: running a winning campaign strategy for yourself. Running like there's no tomorrow. Running with impunity. Running to be the boss. And running for the women of 2084. They deserve better than you got, and your running will help them get it.
You first want to make sure all of your customer data is located in your CRM. In order to use that data, you will need to
Once you identify when you are switching from a coach to a rescuer, you will want to be empathic, want to help, want to listen
Dale Carnegie does a lot of research in regard to leadership. What are the traits that make up a great leader? The financial
The modern incarnation of the interview is out of date and no longer speaks to the needs of companies and the candidates they would like to hire. The current interview has outlived its usefulness and in many ways hinders the hiring process. Simply put, the current interview is dead.
In my work, I meet business leaders from all over the world who have advice, stories and personal tips to provide. I sit
In my work, I meet business leaders from all over the world who have advice, stories and personal tips to provide. I sit down with these leaders to give them the opportunity to provide current business advice and give a glimpse to their personal stories as a business leader.
As human beings, we are always looking for inspiration. We are constantly looking for that singular piece of knowledge that sparks the idea that will catapult us into the stratosphere of success.
They hadn't. None of the other bidders were strategic buyers, so their offers weren't based on working knowledge of the industry
I interviewed Christie Hunter Arscott, an experienced strategist, specializing in recruitment, retention and advancement strategies for women and millennials, for her insights into millennials and graduate degrees.
The day after Leap Day, March 1, marks the first day of Women's History Month . This year, rather than looking backward, a leap forward in thinking is in order.
They will also have to demonstrate that the cybersecurity program is regularly reviewed and updated, and that any problems
Change is everywhere and the c-suite is no exception. There are new technologies, new styles of management, a new set of skills that need to be cultivated -- all in the effort of improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As a result, changes are being made in c-suite and boardrooms across America.
In 2016, communication is a meme of its own. And if you don't manage it well, you're toast. Being clear and presenting yourself well at all levels, is in fact, a revolution.