California Drought

California Gov. Gavin Newsom delivered the news while standing in a lake basin that would normally be under water.
The state is now grappling with a massive dam spillway glitch in the Sierra foothills.
Over the past three weeks, continued rain and snow across California has, almost miraculously, lifted nearly half of the state out of drought.
Going through this process has taught me more than how to design a green and sustainable landscape. In the conversations
We’re in the midst of a hot, dry summer. While you’re thinking about how you’ll cool off, consider this: four times more
Still, with reservoirs near record lows and rivers drying up, the clock is ticking.
The massive blaze is still just 18 percent contained.
With water such an essential part of every farmer's life and well-being, and with water wars being waged in drought-ravaged California, calm, even-handed Karen Ross is in a perfect place to ensure that farmers get what they need today while water resources are preserved.