Cancer Schmancer

Actress Fran Drescher is a 16-year Uterine Cancer survivor and has never let her sense of humor waver. As Founder, President and visionary of the non-profit Cancer Schmancer movement, Fran aims to raise awareness around health issues while encouraging us to take control of our bodies.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and tonight I'm joined by Fran Drescher, a leading voice in cancer advocacy. The Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated star of the hit '90s sit-com The Nanny is also the founder and president of the "Cancer Schmancer" Movement, which promotes early detection, prevention, and policy change.
By acknowledging the importance of love through trauma, by changing the perspective of pain and suffering, and by educating
Each of us avoids shaving for 1 to 30 days this month and makes a contribution equal to (or lots higher than) we would have spent on haircuts during that time. And we can also encourage friends who comment on our extra hair that they too should make a contribution.
"I honestly feel like I got famous, I got cancer, and I lived to talk about it -- and I'm talking," she says. In the video
In my teens, I ate wheat, gluten, sugar; basically the normal SAD (Standard American Diet). My dietary staples were breads, muffins, baked goods, hamburgers, Chinese food, spaghetti, pizza. If it was junk food -- I ate it.
The fact that we are surrounded by high speed everything -- living, eating, driving, breathing and of course technology -- is taking its toll on our sense of inner peace. Perhaps we can't change our entire life, but we can certainly make small steps towards healthy choices that in fact will make us happier.
When you are a parent, you learn quickly it's all about how quick you need to move when you are maneuvering homework, travel sports and dinner. That's a complicated situation.
After much testing, I was informed that my baby had "severe allergies" and was suffering with eczema and asthma in its severest form. Our lives immediately changed forever.
The more I spoke in public forums, the more I realized that PREVENTION is the answer! Let's NOT get cancer in the first place -- How's that for a cure?
Fran Drescher courted controversy last week during a radio interview in which she said that breastfeeding "poisons" infants and recommended that nursing mothers get their breast milk tested for toxins.
The first step toward such empowerment is to become aware and educated.
Being proactive -- about our personal health, our education system and our country’s public policy -- was the true crux of
Some celebrity performers are taking the spotlight off themselves and focusing the light on crucial matters that affect us all.
It took TV star Fran Drescher two years after first displaying symptoms to be properly diagnosed with uterine cancer. Before
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